by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Haven Lighting

There is something magical about outdoor lighting. Traveling down a snowy street with homes on either side lit up with stunning Christmas light displays. A backyard garden transformed into a fairy-like setting with soft lights illuminating paths and enhancing the beauty of nature. Or the welcoming site of your own warmly lit-up home after a long day. These days, color-changing lights offer a wide range of options to help you set just the right tone for your home.

Color-changing lights can serve both fun and practical purposes. Imagine having a party and you want people to easily find your house. Set your lights to a certain color, inform the guests of your chosen lighting color on the home, and they will have an easy, fun way to locate the party.

If risking the dangers of hanging and taking down lights sounds like a big hassle, products like Alliance Lighting from Luminocity could be the perfect solution for you. With the ability to control each light from your phone, the joy of changing up your lighting color is as easy as pushing a button.

Haven Lighting, another offering from Luminocity, gives you the calendar feature option of programming out the year in advance. If you want your house orange on Halloween, green on St. Patrick’s Day, and blue for each Colts game, you can schedule that and then have it change back to warm white the next day. You choose when and how you want what colors.

You can mix and match colors, setting up different zones for different occasions. You may alternate red and green at Christmastime or create a fun pattern of pink and purple for your daughter’s birthday. Trees can be illuminated in one color and pathways in another. You can control brightness settings as well, allowing you to create a soft romantic glow or something brighter and more fun. Colors can even scroll so that the house feels like it’s moving.

“The sophistication and versatility of these lights can transform your home from warm white to rather dramatic colors,” says Lundberg. “In many ways, you’re limited to what you can do only by your imagination.”

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