by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Graham Photography and The Addison Group

Inspiration can be found in many places – in nature, in music, in conversation. Sometimes all it takes is stepping inside a building such as Hub & Spoke Design Center, a unique 94,000 sq. ft. development with a variety of tenants that offer options in flooring, cabinetry, closet organization, plumbing, audio, artwork, lighting, interior design, and outdoor landscaping.

Finding a fresh perspective at Hub & Spoke is one reason Lauren Schwartz, President of Meridian Closets, loves being a tenant.

“People can visit us, shop for fixtures across the way, or check out kitchen cabinetry and so much more,” says Schwartz. “It’s a jumbled combination of things that suits a lot of people’s needs.”

Stacy Stater, owner of Home & Willow Design, finds it impossible not to feel inspired at Hub & Spoke. Home & Willow’s showroom is filled with furniture, comfy sofas, gorgeous rugs, unique accessories, and stunning lighting. A store for all people, they tackle projects of all scopes and sizes.

“We love helping people find the right accessories, lamps, and window treatments,” says Stater. “We’re keenly interested in getting to know each individual’s style, so we ask lots of questions.”

The ACo showroom is curated to show beautiful products for your remodel or new build in a wide range of styles and price points according to Design and Sales Consultant Mia Farrell, “We aim to highlight trends and dynamic options without overwhelming anyone with a million samples. It’s an inspiring place to design any type of remodel or build!”

“Coming into the showroom enables people to see and feel the products,” says Schwartz. “They then say, ‘Yes, that’s exactly what I was looking for!’ Or ‘Let’s modify this or add these accessories.’”

Schwartz’s showroom exhibits some bold design choices to encourage people to think outside the box. For instance, they have a laundry room on display with a green countertop. In addition, a couple of their walk-in closet displays have a white shelf with wood or glass accent doors to dress them up.

“Those little touches are sprinkled throughout our showroom,” says Schwartz.

Stater calls Hub & Spoke an “earthy” design center that spotlights people who work with their hands.

“There’s great synergy here, making it the perfect place to draw inspiration,” says Stater.

Drop by Hub & Spoke for a fresh perspective on design and find inspiration for your next home project.