by Christy Heitger-Ewing

As an Exceptional Builder, Randy Shaffer Knows Your Connections Define You

Randy Shaffer grew up watching his dad construct homes. Well, that’s not exactly accurate. At a certain age, he stopped watching and started doing as nothing beats an apprenticeship under one’s father.

“I learned a lot,” says Shaffer, who worked as both a carpenter and licensed electrician before he became a builder himself. “I think it’s important that a builder actually has hands-on experience to know how to build a house. This isn’t the type of work that you learn best by reading a book.”

Shaffer, founder of Randy Shaffer Custom Homes, started in the building industry in 1990.

“I’ve been in the business for 40+ years,” says Shaffer, who is proud of the fact that he and his team still cling to the same values they’ve had since the beginning yet are not stuck in the past.

“We utilize all of the new technology for today’s standards – the big one being that we use Buildertrend,” says Shaffer. Buildertrend is an all-in-one platform that enables a builder to set a budget, communicate regularly with clients, schedule work, and consistently check job site progress. The tech stuff does not take the place of eyeson-the-job quality checks, however.

“I still visit my job sites every day, which a lot of the new builders don’t,” says Shaffer. “That’s important because that allows me to detect problems before they happen.”

He also still calls his clients on the phone.

“I know it’s a different world today, but people do appreciate that direct communication, especially when we’re doing something as personal as building a new home,” he says. Personal connection makes a huge difference and increases productivity.

Randy Shaffer Custom Homes trusts McComb Pella’s top-quality products and impeccable customer service. McComb understands the distinctive styling of each home and offers solutions that fit with any project design. For homes with more classic architecture, McComb Pella’s traditional-style windows with narrow sightlines hit just the right note. To achieve a crisper look, they also have a series with hidden roll screens.

Whatever the style of home, Shaffer and his partners at McComb Pella are sure to create a stunning home. Although trends come and go, many elements Shaffer includes in his homes such as McComb windows, have staying power through the quality of product and design.

Shaffer has been working with Pella for more than 25 years. It’s a partnership he values greatly because they are always attentive to the jobs, they get their bids out quickly, and their top-notch products can’t be beaten.

“When someone sees the name Pella, it’s an automatic plus,” says Shaffer. “Their name is synonymous with quality, and it’s true. Pella makes an absolutely wonderful window. Plus, if something comes up, they make it right.”

According to Shaffer, even the pandemic didn’t slow Pella’s roll.

“During COVID, everyone had problems, but Pella was able to manage whatever came up. They always found a way to make things happen,” says Shaffer, who especially likes Pella’s Designer series.

“I’ve had people call me about a home that’s ten years old. If they have an issue with a window or door, all I’ve got to do is put in a call to Pella and it’s fixed,” says Shaffer. “Not only that, but I never have to worry about something being discontinued. They’re able to make any repairs or whatever needs to be done. They have great warranties.”

Randy Shaffer Custom Homes and McComb Pella are all about top quality products and crystal-clear communication. Reach out to them today for a connection that may change your life!