by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Adam Gibson Photography

There is perhaps no greater joy than designing and building the home of your dreams. To do that, however, first you must select the right builder – one who is experienced, professional, communicative, and thoughtful. You also want to hire someone you can trust and who thoroughly enjoys the process. Brad Ennis, owner and founder of Ennis Custom Homes, has served the construction industry for 35 years. He’s worked in the central Indiana market since 2014 and couldn’t be more thrilled to have established roots in this area.

“The community is so incredibly vibrant and beautiful,” he says. “At its core are the most caring, giving, and friendly people. I love and am proud of what I do.”

The company teams with homeowners who possess an extraordinary vision for what they want, whether that is an exquisite estate home or a complex remodel.

“We are compelled to produce it with peerless quality,” says Ennis. “It’s simply who we are.”

Ennis Custom Homes not only builds estate homes and lake homes, but they also create amenities and specialty rooms such as outdoor kitchens, greenhouses, theatre rooms, tennis courts, indoor pools, exercise rooms, and even elevators.

With each of his builds, Ennis’ goal is to create a masterpiece. This means that he will only work on a select few projects at a time. They place an office trailer on-site so they have an all-day presence at each job.

“We are committed to making sure that every phase of the build is done to the highest level known to the trade,” says Ennis. “Our clients deserve that level of service.”

That dedication to detail and service has not gone unnoticed. Ennis Custom Homes has been featured in Architectural Digest. L.P. Building Products where they completed National Case Studies on two of Ennis’ projects. Innovation, in particular, has played a critical role in the success and recognition Ennis has achieved.

“Construction is an essential industry that helps to create the built environment we live in. As our needs and desires change, construction must adapt to meet these new challenges,” says Ennis. “Innovation is therefore essential to the continued success of my company. By developing new methods and materials, we can stay ahead of the curve and deliver products that meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.”

Ennis recognizes that our homes serve as “home base” in more ways than one. It’s the place where we rest, relax, and recharge. It’s where we want to be if we’re feeling under the weather but also a great spot to entertain guests. It’s where we hang with our family, friends, and pets. It’s also where memories are made.

“When you come home, you should feel like you’ve arrived in life!” says Ennis. “You’ve built your business and life with care and integrity, and you should have a space that allows you to enjoy that with the people you care most about.”

To meet such a high standard for each of his luxury builds, Ennis has assembled a seasoned team of experts who love what they do just as much as he does. They bring decades of combined experience in construction and business. His project manager, Steve Donaldson, has been serving the luxury home market for several decades. Having played a major role in building many of the top estate homes in the area, Donaldson is widely considered to be the best of the best.

Ennis also proudly partners with highly-skilled craftspeople and vendors who are the best in the industry. J.S. Hein Masonry, Franklin Window & Door, Wyatt Brothers Construction, Johnson Melloh and many others help elevate projects time and again. “Our trade partners and vendors are the true heroes,” says Ennis. “Their expertise, professionalism, dedication, and servant spirit is extraordinary.”

Past clients who have hired Ennis inevitably circle back to him for additional jobs because his impressive workmanship and dedicated work ethic is unsurpassed.

“Brad has served as General Contractor for us on two very complex, multi-million-dollar homes,” says Ennis Client. “Brad is all about quality, craftsmanship, longevity, and innovation. I highly recommend Ennis Custom Homes to anybody who wants to build something beautiful and special, that possesses the utmost of lasting value for their family.”

Ennis promises that when his company starts a new custom home build, the client immediately becomes part of the family.

“Your home is our home, and we will treat it as such,” he says.

When that home is complete, he never tires of witnessing the emotional response from homeowners who get to bask in the delight of living in the home that they designed and built.

“It’s always very special and a thrill to see our clients with tears of gratitude and joy when they take possession of their dream home,” says Ennis.

Ennis Custom Homes is here to serve you. Connect with them today and get the conversation started regarding building your dream home!