by Allie Moffett | photos by 360 Tours

The past few years have proven difficult when it comes to retaining and hiring talent. As one generation of skilled tradesmen ages up to retirement, it has become a challenge to find and train the next. This labor shortage has combined with a high demand for work that is challenging to keep up with. This, in turn, can create instability for both business owners and their crews. How did Flatmade Concrete weather the storm and come out on top? By investing in their team.

From camaraderie on the job site to fun after hours, the Flatmade team focuses on creating a fun and supportive environment. “One of the great things about the concrete industry, for me, is the type of people it attracts,” said Ben Driskell, Owner of Flatmade Concrete. “We like getting dirty and hanging out. Life’s about having fun! We work long hours but it doesn’t feel like it if you’re having a good time.”

The team enjoys showing the ropes to eager newbies, too. “We’re here to teach anyone willing to learn the trade and how to be great at it,” said Driskell. He continued, explaining the importance of trial and error for those new to the trade and ensuring his team supports and educates them through those challenges.

“It’s been a cool experience learning what all goes into concrete,” said one new Flatmade team member. “We all walk on it, but few pay attention to it. But when you’re working on it, it’s like an art.”

Along with a “work hard, play hard” way of life, Flatmade Concrete offers employees competitive pay, overtime after 40 hours, quarterly cash bonuses, paid holidays, and retirement fund contributions.

At the end of the day, Driskell has one main goal for his team: happiness. “At Flatmade, you can learn how to run your own business, run a crew for us, or stay in your current position for 30 years as long as you’re happy. That’s what is important to us.”

If you’re looking to learn, Driskell challenges you to join the Flatmade crew and let them teach you the right way to do things. Learn more at