Let GreenImage Help with Your Holiday Lighting & Landscaping Needs

We’ve all driven past someone’s home in the early winter months and thought, “How do they do it?!” It dazzles; it shines. It makes a dull, gray day into a veritable winter wonderland. That thought is often followed by, “I’ll never be able to do that in my yard. Just call me the Grinch.”

Good news, Grinch. Your heart is about to grow three sizes. GreenImage provides lights, winter pots, garlands, and wreaths – which can all be customized to suit whatever color scheme you have in mind.

Entrusting decorating duty to our team…

Gives you the look you really want. Yanking a tangled wad of string lights out of a box and throwing up whatever still works is one look. Elegant strands of white or color, highlighting beautiful wreaths and garland with complementing or contrasting hues is… well, an elevated look! It’s put-together, polished, and at the same time, completely you. Now people can drive past your home and think, “How do they do it?!”

Gives you back your time.

‘Tis the season for packed schedules! Instead of worrying about your outdoor holiday decor, relax. Take a refreshing walk, build a snowman, and savor a cup of hot cocoa. If there is one present that we all need and want, it is to be present with our family and friends. Give yourself the gift of time.

Is much (much!) safer. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a classic holiday movie – but we don’t want anyone reenacting it while trying to decorate the great outdoors! On a serious note, nearly 6000 people a year land in the emergency room as a result of trying to hang holiday lights, and many more receive less serious (but still day ruining) injuries. Housefires are another major concern, typically caused by old, frayed, or unsafe products and/or improper installation.

Wouldn’t you rather spend this season anticipating and savoring the holidays? Let us do the heavy lifting so you can reclaim your time. Contact GreenImage for your holiday lighting and landscape decor needs.