by Allie Moffett

When thinking about the mission of Home Artisans of Indiana (HAOI), the phrase “share the wealth” comes to mind. The group of home improvement professionals is constantly striving to help others in the industry learn more, connect more, and succeed more. Since its inception in 2010, Home Artisans has expanded to three locations – Carmel, Fishers, and Greenwood – sharing the wealth with home experts all over Indianapolis.

HAOI was founded by a group of design and construction businesses who were facing similar struggles in the industry. One such business owner, David Decker, felt that other networking groups consisted of too many different types of businesses. Decker saw an opportunity to form a more focused group of business leaders in the design and construction industry. This would allow professionals of similar backgrounds, struggles and client demographics to share strategies, ask for help, and become more ingrained in the local business community. This group became an invaluable resource to its members, and with its increasing popularity and a limit of one business per specialty, it was time to expand to a new market.

HAOI opened its Fishers chapter in October of 2021. “Part of HAOI’s success has been its limited size of 30-40 members,” said Erik Anderson, HAOI member. “Expanding to Fishers was a great opportunity to bring in more members, as well as grow the network and brand.”

The group felt businesses on the southside of Indianapolis would benefit from a group like HAOI, resulting in the third chapter opening in Greenwood. By creating these smaller chapters, more businesses have the opportunity to participate. In doing that, the network at large also grows, helping the entire organization. Businesses on the north and south side are now able to tap into resources they may not have had before. “As the brand grows, it truly becomes a more reliable source of top-tier service providers for homeowners and fellow industry professionals,” shared Anderson.

The long-term goal for HAOI is to grow the brand to be the trusted and reliable source for homeowners, as well as like-minded business leaders looking to grow personally and professionally. To achieve this goal, the group only brings in members who are dedicated to growth and have a proven track record of exceptional customer service.

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