“When we got the call to create an automated smart home for this year’s Dream Home, of course, we said yes,” says Dan Killinger, owner of Intelligent Living Solutions. After all, the business specializes in creating complete home automation solutions, so this project gave the team the platform to design exactly what the client wanted.

The Dream Home, located in Zionsville’s exclusive Holliday Farms neighborhood, is three stories and 14,000 square feet with an outdoor pool, hot tub, and entertainment area. The magnificence of the architecture and design could only be matched by the equally innovative smart home technology requested by the homeowner.

“The homeowners held nothing back in their smart home automation wish list,” says Killinger.

  • 6 FULLY AUTOMATED FIREPLACES that are controlled by the touch of a button or on schedule
  • 67 TOUCH CONTROL FEATURES, from lighting and sound to climate control and security
  • 29 SMART TVS throughout the house and outdoor living spaces
  • 3,000 FEET OF LED LIGHTING STRIPS to create the most unique lighting scenes (that’s around 9 football fields!)
  • 14 MILES OF CABLE SUPPORT this fully automated masterpiece (that’s a trip from downtown Zionsville to Whitestown and back!)

The home’s two-story vaulted living room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooks the Pete Dye-designed golf course. The kitchen, butler’s pantry, and expansive wine cellar feature automated lighting and sound.

The entertainment area downstairs has a secret room opened using automation, an entertainment space that opens onto the pool deck, and a theater room complete with a 3D starfield ceiling. Two bars with multiple televisions mean avid sports fans or news junkies never miss out.

Getting the downstairs ready to entertain is a breeze. One button puts the space into entertainment mode, turning on 12 televisions to predetermined programs, adjusting the lights to the perfect scene, raising the shades, adjusting the climate, and turning on the music.

And heating and cooling this entire space is managed via automation. “We integrated a smart climate control system into the design that can save up to 40% on energy bills.” says Killinger. “The homeowner can control the system from their Loxone app, or let the house manage itself using sensors and AI. Shades raise and lower based upon light levels, unoccupied rooms automatically change to eco-HVAC mode, lights turn on automatically to the appropriate moods based upon time of day and ambient light levels as you walk about the home.”

For this dream home, Intelligent Living Solutions took home automation above and beyond to something spectacular. If you dream of the perfect smart home set up, connect with Intelligent Living Solutions today.