by Christy Heitger- Ewing | photos by Steven Van Beck

When David B. bought his home 15 years ago, he loved the property, but his lighting system needed an upgrade. David contacted Karl Lundberg, owner of Luminocity, to see what could be done.

“Karl installed a system that was night-and-day different from the old one,” says David. “It was like going from a used car to a brand-new Cadillac!”

Lundberg had told David that the lights would be maintenance free and last for a long time. David was skeptical, but sure enough, a decade has passed, and he has encountered zero problems.

“Every light fixture still looks like new, which is especially shocking considering Indiana weather!” says David. “It’s all LED, so unlike the old system where we were constantly replacing light bulbs, here these bulbs last for years. It’s about as maintenance-free as you can get.”

Over time, trees on the property have matured and the landscape has changed, so recently David decided it was time to freshen things up, add some more lights, and make the front and back a little brighter. He once again contacted Lundberg, who came out, studied the property, and presented the perfect proposal.

“He’s very meticulous and methodical. He said, ‘I think if we do this, this, this and this that it’ll really get you the desired result’ and it did!” says David. “He has a great vision. He makes a thoughtful plan, he explains that plan, and the end result is exactly as he describes it. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Lundberg, a consummate professional, takes a lot of pride in his work, as well he should.

“He’s the best in the state of Indiana and I imagine one of the best in the country at what he does,” says David. “His lighting packages completely transformed our property, allowing us to enjoy it as much at night as we do during the day.”

David also appreciates the fact that Lundberg’s lights brighten up the long, cold winters months.

“It gets dark here very early so to have that kind of lighting during the bleak season really warms up the property and makes it easier to get through the winter,” says David. A well-lit home exterior is a welcome sight after a long drive home on late fall or winter evening.

Contact Lundberg to see how he can transform your outdoor space into a stunningly lit landscape with the perfect lighting plan and system.