by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Shelby Novitski

Architect Ron Novitski started his design firm, Novitski Design, in 1987. He began drawing residential homes for the top premiere designers and found that he enjoyed being out on the job site more than being stuck behind the drawing board. Therefore, in 1992 he also started his own building business called Elevation Homes. He’s been both drawing and building ever since.

“I never build the same house twice,” he says. “Every build is a unique design.”

He used to be mainly a spec builder until the housing market crash in 2008. At that point, he shifted gears to become a contract builder.

“I design houses that fit my clients’ needs but have my flair,” says Novitski. “That’s why they come to me – because I’m a little different in style than most builders.”

Over the last 36 years, Novitski has designed between 2,000- 3,000 homes. Since the market has dwindled, he doesn’t do as many drawings for builders as he once did. Still, he works regularly with a handful of builders in addition to working with clients. These days, however, he does more building than designing.

Novitski does not consider himself a “trend” builder but rather a “timeless” builder.

“If I do my job right, a person won’t be able to pinpoint what year one of my houses was constructed,” he says. “When it comes to resale value, building timeless really helps.”

“If I do a contemporary home, I’m only going to get the contemporary buyer. Most likely the traditional buyer isn’t going to jump that line,” says Novitski. “The timeless houses sell easily because they aren’t dated.”

Building a timeless home requires quality finishes that stand the test of time as well. Windows that last are particularly important. For years, Novitski has partnered with McComb Pella because he appreciates their impeccable quality and stellar service. He especially likes Pella’s architectural series because it includes a vast array of choices when it comes to color, grids, and mullions.

“The windows are great, the pricing is where it needs to be, and when people see the Pella stickers on the windows, they know they’re getting the best in the industry,” says Novitski.

Given that these days homeowners are demanding more and bigger windows, it’s extra important to install a quality product that offers durability, energy efficiency, and peace of mind.

“Anymore, almost 50% of your house is made up of windows so we have to make sure they perform,” says Novitski, who notes that it was around 2013 when people started opening up their houses to let in more light. “People want those big patio doors that can be opened up to your porch in order to let the indoors out and the outdoors in.”

Novitski, a one-man show, draws 30-40 houses annually and erects four homes a year, max. Currently, he’s starting a home in Zionsville’s Holliday Farms. He’s also finishing off four others in the same luxury community. He’s starting another project in Old Town Carmel as well as sprinkling in several small remodel projects.

“I keep remodels simple so that I can get them done quickly,” he says. “For instance, I’m doing a garage addition, a master suite addition, and a master bathroom remodel.”

Keeping it simple when it comes to the quantity of work he takes on allows Novitski to spend more time focusing on the quality of each project, which often lies in the details of the design. One of Novitski’s designs for a past Home-A-Rama was even named Best of Show.

“That was a bucket list item that I was proud to cross off,” he says.

When it comes to well-crafted homes with timeless design and high-caliber finishes, Novitski excels at achieving each client’s unique vision. Learn more at