by Christy Heitger-Ewing

People are all about pictures. That’s why when we flip through magazines or scroll through social media, we are drawn to the photos. When our eyes land and linger on a particular image, that’s telling. For years, Manny Navarrete, co-owner of Priority Painting Services, has been basing projects on inspiring images that clients bring to him.

“The photos show us everything they love, and we try our best to replicate that inspiration,” says Navarrete.

Interior limewashing has been trending on the West Coast but is making its way east thanks to design blogs, Pinterest, and shows on HGTV. According to Navarrete, limewashing offers a purposefully messy, inconsistent look regardless of application.

“It can be applied in circles or vertically,” he says. “It depends on the look the customer wants, but you can do cool designs and patterns with it.”

Limewash is made out of crushed limestone, with other chemicals added to it. The grittier, chalkier texture adds warmth to vast spaces which is why homeowners often paint dining rooms, powder rooms, or accent walls with limewash paint. If it’s bare drywall without any latex paint, the limewash can be applied straight to it. If the wall, however, already has latex paint on it, primer needs to be applied prior to the limewash.

Wallpaper is also making a comeback. Sometimes homeowners are interested in wallpapering their entire house, but more often than not they are looking to put wallpaper on an accent wall to add a pop of fun.

“Sometimes people want to add something more fun than just an even coverage paint,” says Navarrete. “There are some really cool designs out there.”

Although homeowners may try to DIY their limewashing or wallpaper project, it’s usually best to leave it to the experts who know how to do it well. For instance, some wallpaper needs to have a particular coating behind it that should be applied in a certain way.

“A lot of people get peel-and-stick wallpaper, which is horrible because you can’t move wallpaper around to connect the seams with peel-and-stick,” says Navarrete. “And then you often have to cut wallpaper to get the patterns to match, and when you do that with the peel-and-stick, there’s always that little white line that you’ll see.”

The bottom line is that homeowners don’t take the learning curve into account before embarking on DIY projects. The pros at Priority Painting Services, however, have been at this for nearly 20 years. Maximo Navarrete, Manny’s father, founded the company in 2004 and is still part-owner of the business. In 2017, Manny took over the company after learning the trade from his father. Both father and son believe in delivering premier craftsmanship and providing superior customer service to their clients.

“We are big into showing value to our customers,” says Navarrete.

They offer both interior and exterior painting services in addition to cabinet painting, limewashing, staining, repairs, and other services. Call today for a free estimate. And show up with those inspirational photos in hand!

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