by Shari Held

When you think about quartz you most likely envision a glossy, smooth, and reflective surface. But that’s only one of several finishes for quartz. Knowing what to expect from different finishes makes it easier to select a quartz that perfectly fits your décor and lifestyle.

“The finish doesn’t change the characteristics of the material, such as heat tolerance or durability,” says Kaelyn Van Camp, Marketing Manager for Stone Mart. “It’s purely cosmetic.”

You’ll find four finishes within Stone Mart’s popular Quantra Quartz selection.

  • POLISHED – Most people are familiar with this shiny, smooth finish. It’s often found in kitchens and traditional-style homes, but it’s stunning when used in modern settings. If you prefer polished quartz, check out Brandenburg and Fontainebleau – both part of Stone Mart’s Jewel Collection. Other stunning options include Night Shade, Mystique Alpine, Calacatta Tuscany, and Antonio.
  • HONED – This finish is also smooth, but instead of being shiny, it’s matte with a slight sheen and has a contemporary feel. If your home has an overabundance of natural sunlight, consider a honed finish such as Moon Walk Honed (part of the Jewel Collection) to counteract the glare.
  • SUPER HONED – This honed finish has even more of a matte finish. For a quartz with an earthy look and feel, check out Distant Neptune Super Honed, also part of the Jewel Collection.
  • SUEDE – Featured in Night Shade Suede or Mystique Alpine Suede, a suede finish has a soft, velvety touch. Its matte surface has a bit of texture, giving it a rustic look and feel.

For a cohesive flow throughout your home, consider using polished-finish Night Shade or Mystique Alpine in the kitchen and their suede-finish counterparts elsewhere in your home. They will coordinate beautifully without being too identical.

“Selecting the appropriate finish can help you create the ambiance you’re looking for,” Van Camp says.

Visit the experts at Stone Mart to see the different finishes and imagine how you might use them in your home. Learn more at