by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Dave Pluimer

When designing your home, what do you consider a “bold design choice?” We asked four design experts at ACo to share their own unique choices when it comes to creating a beautiful, bold space.


Carlie Suski doesn’t believe a cohesive theme is needed throughout the home, instead, each room should have a personality. That personality can come through in both style and color. For instance, Suski’s laundry room is teal, and her powder room is pink. She also feels that cabinetry doesn’t need to match from room to room.

“You can have stained cabinets in one room and blue cabinets in another,” she says.

Another unexpected design tactic – Suski purposefully doesn’t keep things to scale because she adores oversized cooktop hoods, giant light fixtures in small rooms, and big hutches that sit on counters. In her own home, a big brass starburst Sputnik chandelier lights up her 5×3 ft. powder room. The fact that it takes up eighty percent of the ceiling makes it a dynamite focal point.

“Sometimes a choice like that can make a space feel cozy,” she says.


Kayley Vargo recognizes that while some homeowners prefer playing it safe when it comes to design decisions, she enjoys working on projects where homeowners are eager to express themselves .

“People tend to consider resale value even if they have no plans to move,” says Vargo. “I remind them that they can still be natural and elegant without sticking with white on white on white.”

This is why she recommends that homeowners layer materials and textures like metals and finishes.

“Layering really brings a space to life,” she says.

An example of layering with textures is mixing polished and leathered countertop finishes. Another option is adding in metal accents, whether it be an inset cabinet panel or wrapped around an island leg.

“You can also add textures and finishes by mixing and matching different sizes and types of hardware,” says Vargo. “Paying attention to those fine details helps give a room overall character.”


Mia Farrell recalls the days when every space she designed was comparing shades of white. Thankfully, those days are behind her.

“People are more into using color than they were in the past,” says Farrell, who likes incorporating both color and texture with fun tile patterns and mosaics.

“There’s a lot of opportunity to do fun things with tile,” says Farrell. “For instance, in the bathroom, we’ve put backsplash tile at the vanity, running from the countertop to the ceiling.”

Choosing colorful accent tiles for the backsplash isn’t the only way to go bold. Opting for natural stone on countertops also offers the opportunity to make a striking statement.

“Natural stone tends to be a bolder choice because they’re more unpredictable and wilder in the veining and color than white quartz with grey veining,” says Farrell.


Autumn Janowski also finds that adding color and textures from nature to kitchens and bathrooms makes them more dynamic.

“For years, people have played it safe with whites and grays. It’s refreshing to see more people being receptive to color,” says Janowski. “Some of these homeowners get so excited when you show them bold options because they can see that it elevates their space to the next level.”

“I’m obsessed with deep hunter greens and terra cottas in lower cabinets or just in the backsplash to add texture,” she continues. “It still has an organic feel but is unexpected.”

In addition to bold colors with an earthy feel, homeowners are craving other more natural elements in their homes. This has led to a comeback for natural stones.

“I like to carry the stone on the countertop up the wall to create a look that can be timeless, modern, or very bold depending upon the selected stone,” Janowski says, noting that they’re also incorporating natural stone in showers with large format tiles or full marble slabs to create a luxurious look.

Are you ready to make some bold design moves? Contact the experts at ACo to help guide you through the process!