by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by 360 Tours

Keep an Eye Out for These Custom Home Features in 2024

Making your custom home a reality can leave you spoiled for choice, but it can also empower you to tailor your dream home down to every detail and custom element. Owner of G&G Custom Homes, Joe Garcia, has his finger on the pulse of custom home features. According to Garcia, this year homeowners are looking to maximize functionality in every corner of their home. That means more natural light, more outdoor living spaces, and more practical ways to work, play, and relax.

“People love the covered porches and pools,” says Garcia, noting that of the ten homes he’s currently building, seven of them include a pool, and every one of them includes a covered outdoor space.

Outdoor living is all about extending our seasons and enjoying the fresh air for as long as possible. For year-round natural light, large windows are another popular feature for homes in 2024.

“People are wanting more and more natural light into their house,” says Garcia. “Some are even asking for big windows in their closets. Gone are the days of a closet being a room with four walls. Now there is at least one window in there.”

While in years past homeowners occasionally incorporated office space in their home, the pandemic ushered in the inclusion of home offices as a staple of practically every new build. In many cases, multiple home offices are accommodating multi-income households, with some homeowners even requesting custom built-in study spaces for their children.

“Although many people have returned to working outside the home again, a lot of folks still are able to work remotely, either fulltime or part-time, so they want a flexible home office type of space to do so,” says Garcia.

Home automation continues to be a hot commodity. With new predictive hardware, smart homes keep getting smarter, and all the more appealing. According to Garcia, nearly every client he works with requests some form of automated feature.

“They want the controlled lighting, where you have a keypad to turn lights on in your house rather than using switches,” he says. “They love that all they have to do is hit the ‘entertain’ button and lights dim down to set a mood.”

Motorized shades are also gaining popularity, which makes sense if you’re wanting larger windows. Automated shades allow for some privacy in the evenings without the hassle of wrestling with a stepladder. Again, folks love to be able to put shades up or down with the touch of a button.

Find out how you can incorporate these distinctive custom features in your next home by contacting G&G Custom Homes today.