5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Contractor

What is an artisan? Our answer is inclusive: It’s someone who makes, crafts, designs, builds, organizes, and delivers tangible results. Whether it’s a custom home builder, a ductwork specialist, a landscaping company, or a premium door and window supplier, these are the people who make home home.

1.CAN I SEE EXAMPLES/SAMPLES OF YOUR WORK? Reputable artisans will have a way to show off their skills, whether it is in a showroom, in a portfolio, or on a website gallery – preferably all three!

2. ARE YOU FULLY LICENSED, BONDED, AND INSURED? If you are seeking to hire a landscaping company, HVAC service, home builder, etc., it is essential that they have the proper licenses and insurance, as well as the financial wherewithal to compensate a customer/client should there be a problem with their product or service.

3. HOW DOES YOUR PRICING WORK? Do you provide a quote ahead of time? While cost is not everything… It’s a lot! Many artisans will use their experience and understanding of your project parameters to provide a quote before you proceed. Others have tiers of service, or different methods of charging. Don’t be afraid to talk dollars and cents.

4. HOW WILL YOU HANDLE COMMUNICATIONS WITH ME? It is frustrating to explain who you are, what you need, and what the issue is over and over. Clear this up before you get started with an artisan, who is my point of contact?

5. CAN YOU GIVE ME AN EXPECTED TIMELINE FOR PROJECT COMPLETION? Like an estimate or quote, a project timeline is not set in stone. Any number of factors can impact the schedule, from weather to the supply chain. An experienced, reputable artisan will give you a realistic answer, as well as strategies to avoid common pitfalls. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is!

Home Artisans of Indiana makes it easy to find, and hire, a professional who will meet all of your requirements – and exceed all of your expectations. Find your artisan. If you like their answers, the only question you’ll have left is “When can you start?”