by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by The Addison Group

“Niyyah” means “intention” in Arabic. Shamyl Tufail, owner of Niyyah Coffee, recently opened his coffee shop inside Hub & Spoke.

“The name was chosen with a purpose,” says Tufail. “We wanted to open a coffee shop where people could gather to work and meet, but we wanted to do it with our own style and our coffee, of course.”

Located in the heart of Fishers, near the Nickel Plate Trail, Tufail admits that roughly 75% of the people who come into Hub & Spoke ask, “What’s this building about?”

He’s excited to answer that question.

“I tell them it’s about a lot of different things,” says Tufail. “It’s a mixed-use development and partnership with the City of Fishers that includes a Design Center with lots of retail shops, coworking space, and a state-of-the-art Makerspace.”

“I love to tell people, ‘Hey, if you’re remodeling, ACo is just next door. Or if you’re looking for interior design, Home & Willow Design is sponsoring our Cozy Corner over there. That’s where we got our furniture,’” says Tufail. Niyyah Coffee’s name echoes its home in Hub & Spoke, a place where creativity is brought together with intention.

Nick Snyder, manager of the Maker Playground, describes Hub & Spoke as a “cool, forward-thinking building.”

“The space has allowed this community of makers from various backgrounds to thrive and collaborate with one another,” says Snyder. “There is just this overall culture of working together that I think is really cool.”

The makerspace membership for the Maker Playground works like a gym membership but instead of having dumbbells, treadmills, and elliptical machines, they have table saws, laser cutters, and 3D printers.

“This is a place where you can tinker and create,” says Snyder. The ground floor of Hub & Spoke is a one-stop shop if you’re building or renovating as it’s a hub of design, creativity, engineering, and architecture.

“You can talk to a skilled designer who can help you completely reimagine your home, but there’s also this DIY aspect down in our quarter,” says Snyder. “Then there’s some more traditional retail like High Frequency Arts. They showcase their art on the walls all around the building, which points to the creativity and synergy of the space.”

The building is also the perfect starting point for anyone interested in joining a construction trade. The Hub & Spoke Institute is a nonprofit based in the building that’s geared toward workforce development and construction trades education. With a shortage of half a million workers on construction sites, it’s no secret that the industry is hungry for new talent. The Hub & Spoke Institute intends to fill that gap.

“This is something we’re all passionate about in the building,” says Snyder.

In partnership with Ivy Tech and the Maker Playground, the Hub & Spoke Institute has created the EntreMaker Program. This free program provides individuals interested in skilled trades with an introductory course into all things construction.

“Since we have a lot of construction trades and construction trades-adjacent companies here, that has led to sponsorship opportunities,” says Snyder. “Sponsors include ACo, Meyer Najem, BDA, Trane, and Home Artisans of Indiana.”

Through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), the entrylevel class teaches both technical and soft skills for entering the trades. Students enrolled in the EntreMaker Program learn the basics of power tools, construction math, reading building plans, and writing resumes and cover letters. At the end of the course, they receive an industry-standard certificate that stays with them for the duration of their careers. And it all begins at Hub & Spoke.

At the center of making, learning, design, and progress is the intention that brings all these threads together. Tufail gets to see it all unfold around him from the comfort of the Cozy Corner at Niyyah Coffee, and he’s happy to give the same energy back.

“The traffic from the coffee shop helps us give more exposure to all the great places in this building.”

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