by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by 360 Tours and Dave Pluimer

As we welcome 2024, consider the familiar bridal idiom: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” The same phrase serves well in the home industry, only with slight modifications. Whether building or remodeling a home, one good rule of thumb is to incorporate “something old (a past trend), something new (a new style), something bold, and some neutral hue.”


One time-tested feature is an enduring love of natural light. An abundance of natural light allows a space to feel dynamic throughout the day, especially at sunset and sunrise. It’s hard to believe there was ever a time when people preferred dark houses with small windows. Sunlight offers a host of health benefits, including improved sleep, enhanced mood, increased creativity, and better cognitive performance. It’s no wonder big windows are a timeless trend. Homeowners are asking for windows in nearly every room in the house. Joe Garcia, owner of G&G Custom Homes, says he even gets requests for closet windows.


For 2024, designers are encouraging homeowners to layer materials and textures. Others are using tiles that infuse unique patterns and mosaics. Homeowners find that their space becomes more playful when they abandon whatever “design rules” they thought existed. When you engage in creative play, that’s where the magic happens. Carlie Suski, design and sales consultant at ACo, does not keep things to scale. Instead, she uses one central focal point to draw the eye for massive, lasting impressions. It’s fun to have “wow” factors in your home.


According to Mia Farrell, design and sales consultant at ACo, people are boldly embracing color more these days. Farrell credits the pandemic for homeowners finally giving themselves permission to make their space their own with less concern for resale value. “The pandemic helped us get away from being so timid about using color,” she says.


Stacy Stater, founder/owner of Home & Willow Design, is seeing a shift from cool to warmer colors like Smokey Topaz, Umber Rust, Nutmeg, Sienna, and Butterscotch. All of these natural tones help to ground the space.

This issue of Haven magazine highlights not just “the old, the new, the bold, and the neutral hue” but also a variety of other great info regarding the latest innovations in townhome builds, the real estate forecast for the new year, and clever ways to keep your books straight this tax season. Cheers to refreshing our space, style, and influences in the new year!