by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Derek Kemp Photography

Nothing hits harder than surprise expenses when constructing a home. It’s no wonder transparency can be such a big factor when homeowners are shopping for a builder- and one company in particular stands out for those traits. Transparency and honesty are the hallmark characteristics of the team at Gradison Design Build.

“Our company objective is to have super happy clients, so we help them understand what a house is going to really cost,” says Joe Gradison, owner of the company. “We aren’t into smoke and mirrors. We say, ‘If this is what you want in it, this is what it will cost.’”

The team at Gradison Design Build, which began in 1986, coined the phrase, “Hard spec, hard price.” This means that they specify everything in the house rather than using allowances, keeping cost overruns to a minimum.

“It’s hard to keep clients happy if you dip in their pockets multiple times,” says Gradison.

By presenting detailed plans and specifications for a client’s house, Gradison earns their trust. The company’s transparent, client-serving approach means there are no unpleasant surprises down the line.

One client, Ashley H., can’t say enough good things about the Gradison team.

“The [team at Gradison] listened closely to our vision and helped us stick to it throughout the build and selection process,” she says. “We ended up with a high-quality, unique, and practical living space that we will call home for many years to come!”

Gradison Design Build has participated in seven Home-A-Ramas. Co-owner Mark Gradison received Builder of the Year by BAGI (Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis). Gradison Design Build includes five seasoned team members who have worked with the company for 25+ years. Together, they focus on understanding clients’ needs rather than hoodwinking clients or omitting key costs.

“Unfortunately, this way of doing business has always been prevalent in the construction industry,” says Gradison. “In low-end material choices or a low allowance, you look like you cost less than the next guy, but you’re going to have to pay the piper in the end on why the overruns were what they were.”

Peggy G. was immensely pleased with the team at Gradison Design Build.

“We can only say good things about Gradison,” she says. “Every single one of their employees has been efficient, accommodating, accessible, and a pleasure to work with.”

During any particular build, conflicts can arise in design, materials, and budget. This is why Gradison partners with vendors they trust. One such vendor is McComb Pella Window & Door Co. The current trend toward more modern architecture sparks creativity between Gradison and Pella.

“Ryan and the entire Pella team do a fabulous job. Their engineering department provides technical guidance on what can and can’t be done, product-wise, both architecturally and structurally,” says Gradison.

Pella’s attention to detail is top-notch when it comes to the process, the pricing, and the ordering.

“They are there for us all the time, doing things behind the scenes to support us,” says Gradison. “When a vendor takes full control and responsibility and performs, we can work on things that need our attention. It allows us to be better at what we do.”

If you’re looking for complete transparency in your building process paired with quality you can count on, contact the dynamite team at McComb Pella Windows & Doors and Gradison Design Build. You Trust& won’t be disappointed.