by Christy Heitger-Ewing

HER Home Design is Committed to Workforce Development in the Interior Design Industry

For the team at HER Home Design, work goes beyond quotas and basic expectations. According to Megan Olivero, Studio Director/Interior Designer, their most inspired work has passion and curiosity at its core.

“When someone is excited about their work, they are curious and take pride in it,” says Olivero. “They recognize that a family is going to live in the home, so, ultimately the space has to be both functional and beautiful.”

Whether you have a large or a small budget, the team at HER Home Design can help transform your space into something magnificent.

“Our superpower is our ability to take any budget and create a beautiful and functional, yet affordable space,” says Olivero.

They start by asking about a client’s overall master plan. Once they know how the homeowner wants it to look in the end, they can lay out and proceed through various phases of design.

The HER Home Design leadership team is committed to hiring, developing and retaining bright talent. They take pride in consistently offering training and education to help their team stay on the cutting edge of industry practices.

“We always ask our new team members about their interests and then do all we can to help them pursue those interests,” says Olivero. “For example, if a team member says they would like to learn more about tile installation, we find the best classes or workshops on that process and send the staffer there in order to grow their knowledge. We also encourage our team to earn new certifications as often as they can.”

In 2019, HER Home Design developed an internship program to further the leadership’s commitment to education and training.

“We offer semester-long internships for both high school and college students, said Keianna Rae Harrison, Executive Director of Design & Remodeling Services. “We ensure the students meaningfully participate in every division – design, remodeling and home staging – giving them a well rounded experience during their time with us,” she added.

“Our interns return to school with hands-on experience in real world interior design, home staging and remodeling projects,” says Olivero, who is so proud of the fact that in 2022 they hired a former intern, Chad Ballard.

“We love Chad’s work so much and consider them one of our success stories,” says Olivero.

Chad, who is an architectural interior designer, won HER’s 2023 Employee of the Year.

“Chad has become such a strong contributing member of our team,” said Harrison. “Chad is a self-starting problem-solver, a go-getter and a cross-functional team player.”

Whether it’s nurturing current team members to pursue their talents and passions, or presenting opportunities for new members of the industry to learn, the HER Home Design team is laying the foundation for brighter futures in interior design and residential remodeling.

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