by Christy Heitger-Ewing

The phrase “teamwork makes the dream work” certainly applies to Intelligent Living Solutions. This team focuses on five core values that benefit residential and commercial customer projects: synergy, innovation, ownership, growth, and excellence. These words organically developed among the team of smart technology experts and emphasize the significance employees bring to the job each and every day.

Staff are welcome to share fresh perspectives and new solutions to ensure every customer has a five-star experience. Matt Whisman, Installation Technician at Intelligent Living Solutions, says he and his coworkers provide new and exciting smart home technology, but they also provide excellence by paying close attention to every last detail. “For instance, we make sure a TV is perfectly level as well as the sound bar underneath the TV,” says Whisman. “Every small detail is important to the client and to us.”

The team engages in regular training sessions and workshops and pursues various certifications to stay up to date with industry advancements. This is because they know the technology industry is always growing and ever advancing. “If you’re not looking for the next new thing, you are kind of standing still and moving backward,” says Drew Taylor, Engineer/Technician at Intelligent Living Solutions.

During team meetings, members share knowledge with one another. One member of the team recently experienced a challenge when updating a software system on a commonly used smart home device. He explained the situation to co-workers as well as the workaround because he knew other techs might encounter similar issues. By sharing, staff are able to grow professionally and take ownership of the challenges they’re presented.

At Intelligent Living Solutions, excellence means making and keeping technology easy for clients. The staff helps homeowners understand software updates on systems, which ensures seamless transitions when addressing potential issues.

“We strive to turn our customers dreams into a reality, and it’s our team’s focus on these core values that supports every step of the customer relationship from design to installation to support,” says Dan Killinger, owner of Intelligent Living Solutions. “I guess you could say it’s teamwork that makes the dream work for our customers.”