by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by The Home Aesthetic

Seasoned builder Scott Bates has been building custom homes in the Indianapolis area for 22 years. Last year he launched a new division called Scott Bates Custom Homes, which is a boutique-style experience; building just four to five homes per year. Now, Bates is able to devote all of his expertise to each client at a highly personal level.

“I think the price range of the homes that we do and the level of detail that many of our clients’ homes possess deserves the builder to be very involved in the entire process.”

In the past two decades, Bates has been part of creating many beautiful homes and has built several Home-A-Rama show homes. While he’s pleased with those accomplishments, he is most proud of being able to say that he has a history of creative projects and happy clients.

“My objective is simple,” he says. “To build unique high-quality homes with great client communication and customer service.”

Part of the way he does that is by working closely with McComb Pella to install the windows and doors in his homes.

“I’ve worked with them for more than 20 years, and their team has always been great from the upfront sales process through final punch and delivery to the client,” says Bates. “The very few service and warranty issues that we’ve had over the years they’ve jumped on immediately.”

Bates appreciates McComb Pella’s local team and their consistent quality product that never disappoints.

“Their products have great styling and features with very few service issues for our clients,” says Bates, who likes Pella’s contemporary line because it fits with the clean lines and features of many of their new contemporary homes. He’s also impressed with the collapsible and foldable door systems that Pella has recently released.

“Outdoor living is huge, and people require these porches to have phantom retractable screen systems,” says Bates. “Homeowners want to be able to put their screens down but then open up their windows and doors to bring the outside in and tie it all together, so McComb Pella keeps adding to these collapsible door systems that allow them to connect better to their outdoor space.”

Given that Bates builds a great deal of homes on scenic plots beside lakes and golf courses, it’s no surprise that homeowners have fallen in love with these new door systems.

“We’re finishing out those outdoor spaces at the same level as inside the home,” says Bates. “This includes refrigerators, grills, fireplaces, screens, heaters, and beautiful wood ceilings.”

He’s currently designing a project with a pantry bar area that has a window that folds up and down in order to serve people on the porch like a little bar ledge. Such windows can fold up or sideways depending on the homeowner’s wishes and what the design favors.

“McComb Pella is starting to create more of those products to offer additional versatility for clients,” says Bates. Learn more at and