by Christy Heitger-Ewing

The Solitaire of Your Dynamic Home Remodel

Agate, Natural Quartz, Petrified Wood – these are the expressions of a lasting impression. This spring, Mont Surfaces welcomes eight new varieties of precious stone slabs to their Indianapolis showroom, each with irreplaceable natural beauty that goes beyond the highest expectation. These unique precious stone surfaces add vibrance and texture to any home build or remodel.

“These precious stone slabs are unique works of art,” says Carol Payto, Chief Marketing Officer at Mont Surfaces.

Generally, precious stone surfaces appear as statement countertops or wall cladding in commercial spaces and high-end residential properties. However, Mont Surfaces is one of the only distributors in their industry to offer prices that make precious stone slabs accessible to average residential projects. Ideal for almost all indoor residential applications including kitchen countertops and islands, these precious stone slabs will be available in a wide selection of colors.

“When clients lay their eyes on them, they’re going to be totally amazed by how stunning they are,” says Kathleen Cannon, Senior Account Representative at Mont Surfaces. “We’re really excited for consumers to see them. It will blow their socks off!” According to Payto, they offer their slabs at a standard 3 cm or 1¼ inches thickness. With this thicker material comes a bolder statement, whether it’s black petrified wood as a kitchen island or blue agate for your accent wall.

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