by Christy Heitger-Ewing

Many aspects of life involve evolution, whether we’re referencing inventions, fashion, or even personalities. The same can be said about quartz. The staple for countertops and vanities is now entering a new era paired along sleek, high-end finishes.


Natural stones, such as granite and quartzite, have a depth that can be hard to replicate. “In some slabs, you can see minerals that go deep below the surface,” says Kaelyn Van Camp, Marketing Manager for Stone Mart.

This can be difficult for an engineered material to replicate, but Stone Mart’s Jewel Quartz Collection mimics this characteristic with ease.

“Natural stone serves to inspire these collections, but it’s more than that. It grasps the beauty, depth, and movement of natural stone as well as our surroundings to try to move you, including the creation of our amazing planets, sounds of great symphonies, and rhythms of breathtaking ballets. You could even call it art,” says Van Camp.


Stone Mart’s Jewel Quartz collection includes a couple of different finishes and a wide array of colors such as Moon Walk Honed, Jupiter Supreme, and the breathtaking Fontainebleau.

“There are choices that resemble more subtle stone if you’re wanting a space to blend,” says Van Camp. “However, there are some show pieces as well. For instance, if you put Fontainebleau in your kitchen, it’s going to be the spotlight.”


New to Stone Mart’s website is their visualizer, which enables visitors to make selections from various materials to build a kitchen, master bath, living room, or basement bar.

“It’s a great tool because when you’re going through and deciding what materials you want to use, it’s all slabs that we have in our warehouse,” says Van Camp.

Come see for yourself just how far quartz has come. The Stone Mart team can help you make a confident decision about what best suits your lifestyle. Learn more at