by Katie Mientka | photos by Dave Pluimer

Spring is in the air, and it couldn’t have come a minute too soon! As we head into the new season, many of us want to bring our design and decor into the light with us. A fresh look can make all the difference, so let’s delve into five kitchen and bath trends that’ll put a spring in your step.


There is great strength and beauty in the space between. Not every inch needs to be filled with cabinets, shelving, or appliances. Negative space and blank walls give you the ability to set the stage for those eye-catching focal points and statement pieces. If you have a superstar of an island or a dramatic backsplash, for example, don’t dull their shine with extraneous detail. By strategically weaving in negative space, you create balance, keeping the design from feeling top-heavy or overwhelming.


Turn a forgotten gap, a neglected nook, or a utilitarian space into an unexpected focal point. Statement walls help elevate smaller spaces. Blank canvases can be found anywhere from behind the kitchen range to the back wall of the powder room and, while small, they can make a big impact. Consider installing tile that stands out from or contrasts the rest of the design, extending those bold countertops up the backsplash, or applying a colorful patterned wallpaper.


Illuminate… and captivate. The right lighting is functional – and the right fixtures are transformative. Enhance a relaxed beachside vibe with coastal chic pendants or give a neutral kitchen an edgy kick with metallic options. Balance contemporary lines with a touch of old-world elegance with wall sconces, or let a chandelier shine a luxe light on your modern design. Lighting is never an afterthought but rather an integral element that, when you choose intentionally, highlights your style and flair.


Presenting the ideal surface on which to impart your style and personality, cabinetry is all about blending form and function beautifully. All white palettes are ceding way to natural wood tones or cozy painted cabinets such as pale green or soft beige.

Coinciding with this return to warmth, though, is a movement towards a sleek, streamlined look. Thin Shaker-style doors and frameless cabinetry, for example, are having their moment. There is room, of course, for ornamentation as furniture-style elements are gaining prominence. Techniques such as replacing a standard toe kick with furniture legs, extending cabinetry wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling, or installing trim to transitional spaces can add a polished, finished feel.


Tile has always been versatile, but advances in technology and materials have made this ubiquitous household product into a design powerhouse. Reeded and tubage tiles are leading the way. Reeded options offer an intriguing texture perfect for backsplashes, showers, or even a statement wall.

Emser Tile takes the 3D theme to new heights with its Tubage™ Collection. The “architecturally-inspired” tile creates a sculptural silhouette that pops. It turns a blank wall into a work of art, giving the space incredible dimension, depth, and visual interest.


With spring often comes the desire for a fresh start. These spring kitchen and bath trends deliver, and they will continue to delight and inspire throughout the years. Elevate the way you experience your home – and turn to ACo to ensure you love where you live.