by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Spacecrafting Photography

It’s the age-old question of homeowners feeling the pull of warmer days: How can I maximize my outdoor living space? There was a day when outdoor technology meant settling for inferior quality, but that’s no longer the case.

“Anything we can do indoors, we can do outdoors,” says Keith Brown, Director of Marketing with BRAVAS. “We recreate the comfort and convenience of your interior spaces outside.”

Focused on the luxury market, BRAVAS is a leading national technology integrator that provides seamless integration of technology into outdoor spaces.

“Clients don’t have to sacrifice the quality of TVs, speakers, sound, motorized outdoor screens, or anything else,” says Chad Brewer, General Manager of BRAVAS. “You can have large theatre-sized screens in full surround sound with multiple sub-woofers. There’s really no cap to where you must stop just because you’re outside.”

BRAVAS helps homeowners create an outdoor environment that matches the high-quality products and finishes in the rest of their home. In place of a single portable Bluetooth speaker, they can install even and balanced sound that blends in with your backyard landscape. Their outdoor televisions make it possible to host a backyard barbecue on a Sunday without missing a second of the game.

“Balanced coverage is the primary thing people appreciate about a well-designed outdoor sound system because people don’t just sit in one area of an outdoor space,” says Jose Saavedra, Sales Engineer with BRAVAS.

Second on that list is a desire to make the system invisible.

“Nobody likes seeing speakers and unsightly cords hanging,” says Saavedra. “We design systems that disappear into your living space. No matter how creative you build your backyard, we can always integrate and interface a good sound system.”

BRAVAS also makes sure homeowners are set up with strong wifi so that they have great connectivity in their outdoor space.

“Think about high-end resorts where you hear music everywhere you go. It’s nice and never distracting,” says Brown. “That’s the kind of luxury we create for our clients.”

Homeowners quickly realize just how much they enjoy and appreciate outdoor luxury.

“Our clients often tell us that their outdoor space has become their main living room,” says Brewer. “It’s where they spend most of their time.”

Contact BRAVAS for ideas on how you can create your own outdoor oasis.