by Christy Heitger-Ewing

The wise worker starts tucking away their pennies for retirement early on, but the average American isn’t going about it correctly. Founded in 2015, Drive Planning’s goal is to help clients live their fullest life today – not years down the road.

“We want people to live their richest life,” says Gerry Lindarducci, Managing Partner at Drive Planning. “So the question is, how do we educate the American investor to live their richest life with intention while saving money at the same time?”

Lindarducci finds that it’s not uncommon for people to plan for retirement without understanding the end goal of that savings plan. When Lindarducci asks his clients how much wealth they think they need to live the lifestyle they want in retirement, he usually is met with a deer in the headlights expression.

“People don’t know what they’re saving for or if they are even on track,” he says. He asks them to think about the income they’re earning right now and how much of that income, percentage-wise, they want to have as an income when they retire. He then asks how much money they must save to reach that goal. He often gets a shoulder shrug.

“No one knows. They just sock money away in their 401(k)s,” says Lindarducci, who presents his clients with this analogy: envision scaling Mt. Everest. You’ll need various tools to assist you – things like picks, snowshoes, poles, and oxygen. When it comes to money, the tools most Americans use to climb up the mountain include IRAs, 401(k)-s, and pensions.

“Is the ultimate goal to reach the top or to get back down the mountain safely?” asks Lindarducci. “More people die going down the mountain than going up.”

This is why it’s crucial to be equipped with the necessary tools on how to distribute your wealth to provide retirement income when you’ve reached the summit (i.e. when you’re ready to retire).

Descending the mountain is about enjoying your assets.

“Most people die with money in the bank. Why save money to die with it?” asks Lindarducci. “I’ve yet to see a U-Haul following a hearse. You can’t take it with you.”

Lindarducci notes that if you have the proper kind of life insurance, you can enjoy your money today, enjoy your money in retirement, and die with no money in the bank.

“Sixty days later, every dollar that I spent is going to be replaced by the life insurance company, pennies on the dollar,” says Lindarducci. “That’s not traditional financial planning. It’s living intentionally. It’s having the ability to do the things when you want to do it, how you want to do it, and with whom you want to do it.”

Lindarducci, who has been in this business for close to three decades, loves his work because he likes seeing the impact he can make in a client’s life.

“When we stare into a 64-year-old’s eyes who just lost $300K in the stock market and we see no more hope, we talk to them, educate them,” says Lindarducci. “Not only do we give them hope, we show them hope. That’s a big difference.”

If you need guidance on how to plan for retirement, contact Drive Planning today. They can help you plan for the future while enjoying the present.