by Jen Harris | photos by 360 Tour Designs

How FLATMADE CONCRETE CO. Tackles Show Home Pressures

The exterior of a home makes the first impression and plays a pivotal role in bringing a designer’s vision to life. Ben Driskell, Owner and Operator of FLATMADE CONCRETE CO., knows first-hand how instrumental communication, planning and attention to detail are crucial in preparing a show home.

For his part in past Home-A-Rama show homes, Driskell collaborated with home designers and landscapers to bring a unified vision to life, while also keeping the project on-time and under-budget. His key takeaways from the experience also align with the ethos he brings into every home project.

Communication is the cornerstone. The more you can collaborate and communicate with all the trades on the project, the team members and project managers, the easier it is for all involved. It is a team approach. An open line of communication frees up the superintendent and builder to work on other important issues and ends in a cleaner, quicker execution of the vision.

Planning is equally crucial when dealing with tight schedules and confined spaces. The plan should outline each step of the process from site preparation to finishing touches. It should also factor in the unique limitations the show home environment brings while minimizing disruption to surrounding areas that other trades are working in.

Attention to detail and double, even triple checking your work is key for this skilled trade to stand out.

“It is easy to get carried away by everything you want to showcase so it’s important to keep the overall aesthetic of the home in mind. Sometimes simple wins. Simple with perfect execution.” Sharp clean lines were the ticket for this project.

The success of your project hinges on the team’s ability to communicate and plan. The teamwork approach is the only way to be successful. Through open channels of dialogue and a well thought out construction plan, these professionals navigate the complex challenges of a show home project to ensure the final product is a masterpiece, down to every detail.