by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by The Addison Group

The Home & Willow Design Process

When it comes to home design, often the hardest part is getting started. Although the draw of complete control often tempts people toward DIY home improvement, there are many pitfalls and obstacles along the way that can be hard to navigate on your own. By hiring a seasoned professional, however, the process can be both seamless and fun!

The team at Home & Willow Design have a design process that’s so polished they have a name for it: The Willow Way.

“The #1 problem our clients face is that they have some vision of what they want their living space to look like but have no idea how to make it happen,” says Kamryn Camp, office manager and interior designer at Home & Willow. “We solve that.”

The Willow Way consists of four parts: The Discovery Session, the In-Home Assessment & Design Scope, the Visual Presentation, and the Big Reveal.

During the 30-minute Discovery Session, the Home & Willow team learns all about their client’s needs, priorities, and expectations. They ask the client for inspiration photos, inquire about their lifestyle, and pose thoughtful questions to root out the perfect design aesthetic.

“Rushed decisions are usually regretful decisions, but not making any decisions is so naggingly painful and disappointing,” says Stacy Stater, founder and owner of Home & Willow Design. “Our designers take a client through the journey of decision making with ease and assurance.”

During the In-Home Assessment & Design Scope stage, the team asks questions and listens intently to the client’s answers. They also take photos, measurements, and notes of the prioritized areas. Just 24 hours later, they send a Design Scope document to the client. The designer itemizes an hourly fee schedule based on the areas discussed. Any design fees are collected prior to the start of the project.

During the Visual Presentation, the client visits the Home & Willow studio so that the designer can showcase their work via physical mood boards, 3-D renderings, and Keynotes. The retail space enables the team to tangibly showcase fabrics, finishes, furniture pieces, and more.

The Big Reveal is where all the concepts, conversations, plans, and proposals come to life as the team coordinates a home delivery. This is when everything comes together– by the end of this final stage, the home is ready for everyday life.

“We ease the process from start to finish because we want our clients to love their home!” says Camp.

Designers are, at their core, focused on giving you the beautiful and functional space that you’ve been dreaming of without the stress of doing it all yourself. Learn firsthand how The Willow Way can make your design process enjoyable by contacting Home & Willow Design.