by Christy Heitger-Ewing

Imagine this. You’re out with a group of friends for dinner on a summer evening and decide to take the night back to your backyard. It’s easy to set the scene before you leave the restaurant using home automation. Open your phone, and with one click turn on the lights, firepit, TVs and great music thanks to an automation system from Intelligent Living Solutions.

The summer season is here and now is the time to start planning outdoor updates and upgrades. Here are features to consider for a customized plan from Intelligent Living Solutions that bring a wow factor with a great side benefit – energy savings. A fully-automated smart home can save 30% to 40% on energy consumption.


Outdoor lighting creates the perfect ambiance for an evening relaxing on a back porch or gathering of friends at a cookout. Lights can be scheduled to turn off and on around sunrise and sunset (no more forgetting to flip the switch and driving up the electric bill), programmed to different colors and hues, or set to bright or dim. Programming makes it easy to set it, forget it – yet enjoy it.


Take your next backyard barbecue to the next level with an outdoor television and audio setup. Imagine a perfect date night watching your favorite movie under the stars or having friends over to watch a movie while lounging in the pool.

Outdoor speaker systems mean you become your own DJ playing the perfect mix for any outdoor activity from yard work to relaxation.


Integrating smart technology into a pool or sauna streamlines temperature regulation. The heating system adjusts water temperatures automatically based on what Mother Nature decides for the day.

Vacation mode automatically saves you money by turning down the pool heater when you’re out of town. Outdoor irrigation systems use data from the automation system’s weather station. On rainy days, smart technology ensures sprinklers let the rain do the job on your lawn.

Contact Intelligent Living Solutions today to start planning your outdoor oasis to keep summertime living easy.