by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Adam Grubb Media

Pro Security Partners with Two IndyRama Builders

This year’s IndyRama presented six show homes across four neighborhoods around downtown Indianapolis. The latest in home design and technology was in full display, including full smart-home integration for two of the properties. Ryan Geltz, Owner of Pro Security & Automation, worked with Integra Builders and Compendium Group on their downtown IndyRama homes. Although the builders worked separately on their unique designs, both were impressed with the elevated luxury and convenience that Pro Security & Automation brought to the projects.

The Integra build, a modern townhome located one block south of Mass Ave. at 539 E. North St., needed a seasoned team to retrofit parts of their install and elevate the details of the space to include smart home integration.

“Ryan and company are an efficient and effective crew of specialists,” says Michael Mercho, owner of Integra Builders. “We trusted Ryan to come up with an audio/video package that would pack the most punch with potential buyers and show off some of their capabilities. [Anyone who walks through the townhome] will appreciate the way it’s all thought out to bring a unique high-end living experience to buyers in this upscale off Mass Ave., Lockerbie Square market.”

Working with Getz’ team helped enhance the home Micah Hill, Principal at Compendium Group LLC, built in Kennedy King. In order to help homeowners have more control over their homes even when they’re away, Hill asked Geltz to install keyless door locks, an alarm system, flood sensors, and camera systems for the home.

“While many people think of security systems as something to deter criminality, in this case it’s mainly to provide information to the owner,” says Hill. “Separate door/access codes can be provided for family members, house cleaners, nannies, and pet sitters. The homeowner controls who can access the home and during what days and times.”

The flood sensors tell you if there’s potential water damage to your home, while the surveillance cameras have video analytics to classify objects as people, cars, or animals.

“This way homeowners get only the necessary notifications,” says Geltz. “You’re not alerted every time the wind blows or there’s a shadow.”

Pro Security & Automation also installed home technology in the Compendium property, including wired data cabling, home audio, a robust Wi-Fi system, and Wi-Fi thermostats.

“Installing the right wired systems frees up space on Wi-Fi systems, allowing it to function better and faster,” says Hill. “Home audio, when thought about during the build, allows us to keep our designs visually clean while providing music for entertainment and enjoyment in the living areas of the home.”

All of these items are controlled via the homeowner’s smart device and can be accessed even if they’re out of the country.

Both downtown properties are shining examples of how smart home technology can create universal luxury and convenience for homeowners. If you would like to learn more about how you can incorporate affordable smart technology options into your home, contact Pro Security & Automation. Call (317) 900-1021 or visit