by Bailey Shelton | photos by The Addison Group

The 2024 Decorators’ Show House & Gardens

For the past 63 years, St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild has showcased the best interior design work the city of Indianapolis has to offer. More than 20 designers and landscapers come together under one roof to put their creativity, ingenuity, and personal style on full display. This year, the Decorators’ Show House & Gardens takes us through a 1920’s Tudor home overlooking North Kessler Boulevard West Drive. Each of the spaces in the home is its own work of art, open to the public for tours April 27th through May 12th.

The Sylvan home’s history spans nearly a century and eight homeowners. The property was the second of Northern Estates at the time of its completion in 1927, making it one of the first properties in a push for development further from the center of Indianapolis. Today, the property is owned by Innkeeper Jeannene Life. At its modern address of 4521 Sylvan Road, the Tudor style two-story five bedroom home features a gorgeous glass greenhouse, Indiana limestone front facade and a backyard hidden gardens and in-ground pool.


For the show home newcomer, Decorators’ Show House & Gardens is a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with a diverse range of interior designers. Even the smallest spaces can inspire your Spring home refresh. The custom closets and pantry created by The Baer Minimalist and California Closets are the perfect example. These small spaces show how to maximize limited space without sacrificing style. They also threw in a few handy tricks – including a curated guest closet complete with monogram robe, wifi password signage, fluffy towels, and a tray of treats.

Show homes also allow guests to get acquainted with a designer’s personality beyond their portfolio of client work. In the powder room and lounge, Jenni Egger, owner of Jenni Egger Designs, embraces the small space and original pink tile to showcase her signature Grand Millennial style. Egger uses characteristic layers of bold patterns and vibrant colors that communicate between the two rooms in one dynamic palette. In this space where the designer has complete creative control, it’s easier to see their true sensibilities and how that might match up with your own personal taste.


Among the stunning rooms of the Sylvan house are some gems beyond compare.

In the foyer, guests are greeted with a hand-painted mural of fish dancing across a long, white-walled hallway. The dreamy work of local artist Megan Jefferson seems to leap into the vibrant orange portals envisioned by designers from Julie O’Brien Design Group.

Demetrius Robinson of At Home with Savvy, winner of last year’s DSHG Rookie of the Year award, has returned to this year’s show house, this time to transform the dining room into a refined, timeless gathering space. The true showstopper here is the 60″ Nyra chandelier that ripples over the dining room table.

Along the southwest corner of the property, Midwest Landscape Industries has carved out the perfect hidden garden escape to echo the traditional English exterior and offer a truly unique outdoor retreat.


Since 1907, the St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild has raised over $14 million in support of Eskenazi Health through philanthropic events like the annual Decorators’ Show House & Gardens. Proceeds from this year’s show house directly support the John & Kathy Ackerman Mental Health Professional Development Center.

The St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild’s 63rd Annual Decorators’ Show House & Gardens runs from April 27th to May 12th. For information on ticketing and more, visit