by Bailey Shelton | photos courtesy of Anthony’s Chophouse

“I was in Casablanca, my windows open to the beach, so that gave me some ideas.”

The result? This season’s menu at Anthony’s Chophouse. The seafood selections Executive Chef Aziz Mountassar has crafted alongside Chef du Cuisine Chad Matchen bring the world to Indianapolis.

Several dishes are inspired by Chef Mountassar’s Moroccan roots, including a Playa Risotto, which combines an array of shellfish in a mouthwatering Garlic Wine Tomato Sauce. Meanwhile, Chef Matchen’s favorite Asian flavors show through in dishes like the Katsu Sando, Tuna Poke, and Hawaiian Tuna.

“We always try to see where we can go, how crazy we can go with our creativity, and what types of dishes we can put together. That’s what makes [our menu] so special,” says Mountassar.

Through their combined influences, the kitchen at Anthony’s Chophouse is widening their seafood offerings and broadening the guests’ palettes while they’re at it.

“We’re not just cooking food, we’re teaching people how to understand food.”

“We’re going to keep rotating that dish, and most of the inspiration for that comes from seeing chefs who were fishing [in Morocco]. Right away they were coming up with the dishes, and selling it to the guests on the same day,” Mountassar says. “Why can’t we do that? I know we’re in the Midwest, but we do have some great vendors who can provide us with that product.”