by Bailey Shelton | photos by Adam Grubb Media

How Last Year’s Women Build It Conference Sparked Inspiration for a New BAGI Impact Team

In response to the growing need for women-focused opportunities in the building industry, the Builder’s Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI) with Haven Media has formed an Impact Team focused on the needs of their current female members.

BAGI Impact Teams present a forum for members to cultivate relationships while engaging with programs and services designed to meet their needs. They are a safe place for members to learn from each other, share resources, and discuss industry challenges and successes.

“As with any of our Impact Teams, we view success with growth in numbers… but we also look at the feedback of our members through surveys to make sure we are providing value,” says BAGI Director of Communications Amanda Parker. “The first Women Build It Impact Team was the largest Impact Team attendance I’ve ever seen, and I love to see that kind of support.”

Parker believes this impact team can help industry professionals at every level unlock their potential. She says, “I think the impact is two-fold. I know women’s involvement in the building industry is growing and needs to continue to grow. This association excels at guiding and supporting their members and that includes our female members as they grow within a male dominated field.

In addition, new home construction has a growing deficiency in talent – a problem plaguing an industry that is over 90% men. When we leave women out of the conversation, we’re neglecting a fraction of the population that can not only help fill the gap, but aid in solution generation to help solve our growing issue.”

Women comprise nearly half of today’s workforce1 , however, within the construction industry they comprise only 6.2% of all construction workers.

A life-long challenge for women in the workforce and a topic raised in the very first Women Build It Impact Team meeting is equality in the workplace. Equality in the workplace has largely boiled down to pay scales, women making $.84 on the dollar3 , but in 2021 women in construction earned 94% of what men earned and that has only continued to level out4 becoming one of the most equally compensated industries.

“BAGI not only wants to communicate the opportunity of working in construction to women, but showcase they are compensated competitively,” says Parker.

As women’s involvement in the industry continues to grow, supporting this sector with opportunities for networking and mentorship became apparent at the Women Build It conference in 2023. “The attendance was exceptional, but what really stood out to us was the energy in the room. These women were so excited to have programming that directly spoke to their goals and challenges. We quickly realized the need for ongoing and continuous professional development,” said Parker.

BAGI’s current board president, Tatum Hill of Compendium Group, has been a point of inspiration in female leadership and integral in the further development of this Impact Team.

Parker says of Hill, “She’s only the third female president we’ve ever had, and in a year where so many more resources are being added for our female members, I absolutely love the effort is being led by a woman.”

The Women Build It Conference will return on August 28th, and tickets recently went on sale. Meanwhile, the BAGI Women Build It Impact Team is meeting monthly to continue to grow women and their influence in the new home construction industry.

To register for the 2024 Women Build It Conference, visit