by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by The Addison Group

Building or remodeling a house is an emotional process. As such, sometimes homeowners can become paralyzed by decision overwhelm.

“People are afraid of making a mistake, but they can’t always explain what they need,” says Stacy Stater, owner of Home & Willow Design. “My team speaks that language. We know how to ask the right questions to ensure that a homeowner is not disappointed.”

Whether you’re starting a new build, tackling a remodel, or diving into a rejuvenation project, hiring an interior designer ameliorates the process.

“We believe working with an interior designer is a great benefit to our homeowners because a designer can be an advocate for who’s involved from start to finish in the entire process,” says Carl McIntyre, President at Carrington Homes. “The final product always looks best when you begin with the end in mind, and a designer is crucial to this!”

Stater and her team listen intently to homeowners to ensure their vision comes to life. They also work with other businesses like California Closets for custom-designed closets/storage space and Drapery Street for modern window treatments.

“We’ve collaborated with Home & Willow on several occasions to create custom window treatments and know firsthand how talented their designers are at bringing their clients’ visions to life,” says Caryn O’Sullivan, owner of Drapery Street. “Their in-depth knowledge of the client helps us to create treatments that meet the goals of the space, both functionally and stylistically.”

Stater estimates that for a new home build, their team spends roughly 30-40 hours with a client so they get to know them quite well.

“Outside of the client, we know what they’re looking for better than anyone else,” says Stater, who calls interior designers navigators of home projects.

“We’re not controlling, but we help keep them from making mistakes,” says Stater.

If you’re looking for someone to help navigate your next home build or home improvement project, contact the seasoned experts at Home & Willow Design today.