by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Sarah Shields Photography and The Addison Group

Key Partnerships Bring the Highest Quality Finishes to the New Builds

The key design feature of midwestern homes comes with a few caveats. If a homeowner is wanting gorgeous picture windows from floor to ceiling, their builder will need to source the glass. Custom orders can drive prices up, but a relationship with key contractors can make all the difference.

At Christopher Scott Homes, they engage contractors who take pride in their role, treat teammates with respect, and collaborate to solve challenges throughout the construction process. One such partner is Pella, whom Carnell has collaborated with for over 22 years. McComb Pella provides the Pella Contemporary line windows for the home Christopher Scott Homes is building in Holliday Farms.

“Pella provided the ability to offer large, fixed panes of glass that did not require a custom order,” says Carnell. “Along with large door systems, this enabled the customer to take advantage of the magnificent views their lot afforded.”

Like most successful partnerships, the foundation of the relationship between Christopher Scott Homes and McComb Pella is honest and frequent communication.

“Maintaining an open line of communication between builder and client is crucial,” says Chris Carnell, President & Owner of Christopher Scott Homes. He’s been building custom homes for 27 years and strives to produce the highest quality workmanship while providing a transparent build process that allows for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

“Weber Concrete is proud to have worked with Christopher Scott Homes since they began building. Their ability to design and construct a high quality, one of a kind, unique home is obvious in every house they’ve done, just ask any customer, subcontractor or vendor working with them,” says Tim Eckert from Weber Concrete. “We highly recommend meeting with them when considering your custom home.”

Carnell’s career goal has always been to build the finest homes and provide the best building experience for his clients in the Indianapolis market.

“We hate hearing horror stories of a terrible build experience,” says Carnell. “We want everyone to have a great experience, whether it’s with Christopher Scott Homes or with another builder.”

Christopher Scott Homes takes advantage of today’s software that allows for a seamless transfer of information between the customer and all team members. And while it may sound simple, they pick up the phone and answer questions.

“We will always respond to a customer, whether present or past,” says Carnell.

Christopher Scott Homes is one of the few builders in the industry who understands and directs all aspects of home construction from the footings/foundation all the way to the installations of the most important finish details of a home.

“We have a passion for creativity and bringing unique projects to life while providing a clear and transparent path for our customers,” says Carnell, who, along with his team, strives to treat customers the way they would want to be treated. “That means being honest, responsive, and straightforward with both good and bad information. This approach has always allowed our customers to know we will be right there with them in the present and beyond.”

Connect with the team at McComb Pella and Christopher Scott Homes, and open the lines of communication today!