by Carie McMichael

How Digital Printing is Revolutionizing Surface Design

Digitally printed surfaces are one of the latest trends in home interiors, ushering in a new era of creativity and customization. This breakthrough technology allows for realistic patterns, an array of colors, and beautiful aesthetics. This new material empowers homeowners to create spaces as unique and individual as they are.

“For those homeowners who are seeking highly customized designs in engineered countertop materials, digitally printed surfaces are flexible and are well suited as an exciting alternative,” says Carol Payto, CMO at Mont Surfaces. “Digital printing technology has been commonly used in the tile and flooring industries and is now transforming the countertop industry.”

When creating digitally printed surfaces, the image is imprinted directly onto the substrate, or base material.

“It’s just like a tattoo,” says Kathleen Cannon, Senior Account Representative with Mont Surfaces. “The image is transferred onto a specific type of paper and then that paper is laid on top of the substrate.”

Once the design has been imprinted, the substrate is passed through an oven and the design is heat pressed onto the substrate. “So, heat is the catalyst for the image to get imposed onto the surface,” says Cannon.

Keep in mind when choosing digitally printed surfaces, you will never need to compromise. In addition to their durability, they are easy to maintain, budget friendly and their high-end designer look is second to none.

Mont Surfaces has been a wholesale supplier of fine surface materials for over 35 years. They know digital print technology is a game-changer when it comes to a homeowner’s specific needs.

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