by Shari Held

When you see a beautiful piece of quartz, the last thing you’ll likely think about is how it was processed before it arrived at the showroom, but the clear quality of the product is due to the work already done on the material. It takes advanced technology to create quartz of the quality and beauty you’ll find at Stone Mart, a wholesale supplier of natural stone and engineered material.

One well-known quartz brand carried by Stone Mart is Quantra Quartz. The company, headquartered in India, uses quality raw materials to produce a manufactured material composed of up to 93% quartz.

“When you’re making an investment in your home,” says Kaelyn Van Camp, Marketing Manager for Stone Mart, “the reliability of the material is important.”

Quantra Quartz also uses patented Breton Technology in its ultramodern, automated plants to ensure the quartz is manufactured to precise standards and decrease the amount of waste. Using advanced technology in the design stage allows the material to be produced in an ever-increasing variety of patterns – veining that ranges from subtle and elegant to striking and dramatic. Thanks to these technological innovations and advancements, Quantra Quartz has more movement and depth of color than ever before, giving it the appearance of natural stone.

“The more our industry continues to learn from and work with new technology to improve our processes, the more exciting new patterns can be made,” Van Camp says.

Stone Mart’s Jewel Quartz Collection consists mainly of Quantra’s Boutique and Magnifique collections. Colors range from soft whites, beiges, and grays to richer, darker colors such as Fontainebleau, a vivid blue.

“Our Jewel Quartz Collection captures the intricacies and grandeur of our galactic and worldly surroundings,” Van Camp says. “Almost anything you can envision, Quantra Quartz has got you covered.”

When you’re in the market for countertops or unique accent pieces, ask your fabricator or contractor about visiting the experts at Stone Mart to find the perfect quartz for your project.