by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Adam Gibson Architectural Photography

There was a time when the decision to install a swimming pool on your property was pretty much made for you. If you didn’t have ample yard space for an in-ground pool, it was out of the question. Easements or property setbacks could also make the project impossible. If you had young children or pets, safety concerns would be top of mind. A couple exciting inventions from TRESSS have now made such concerns irrelevant.

Eight years ago, Andrew Heard and his wife, Cecilia Alvarez Heard, were looking to install a pool on their property but weren’t thrilled by their options – or lack thereof. They simply weren’t willing to risk their three young children falling into a pool. So Heard, a mechanical engineer of 25 years, invented the Aquatectural Pool Cover (a moving pool floor). This innovation allowed for pool owners to adjust the depth of their pool. Soon after, the couple founded the company TRESSS and began selling their innovative product.

TRESSS manufactures all of their products in Indianapolis. Over the last eight years, the business has grown considerably. With 85+ years of engineering experience among them, the TRESSS team knows their stuff. The technology used for the TRESSS Aquatectural Pool Cover is what Heard observed in the evolution of racecars he helped to engineer through the years. He uses a composite structure where the strength comes from the shape; it’s what provides the insulation value as well. This Aquatectural Pool Cover lends itself to new swimming pool builds as well as their Smart Plunge Pools, which are becoming hugely popular among homeowners with limited space.

TRESSS’ Smart Plunge Pool is a pre-fabricated, pre-cut concrete pool that’s 16 by 7 ft wide, making it ideal for homeowners who don’t have much yard space or simply don’t want the hassle of maintaining a large pool. These high-end pools have porcelain tile as well as a stone wall interior and have a seamless design and aesthetic appeal.

“The pools are completely built within our factory, so you have all the quality measures and benefits of being built off-site,” says Heard, noting that the Smart Plunge Pool is delivered on a truck and dropped into a hole in one’s yard. “It can be installed very quickly onsite, which means not having someone in your backyard for weeks or months building a swimming pool.”

These pools are low maintenance, and all the equipment is built into them, so once electricity and a water supply are connected, it’s ready to go.

The Smart Plunge Pool is controlled with a smart touchscreen panel control, with a mobile app option launching soon.

While the Smart Plunge Pool is compact, it’s large enough to have a swim jet system in it so homeowners can use it for exercise as a swimming treadmill. Plus, it has all of the advantages of the Aquatectural Pool Cover like the safety, elegance, flexibility of selectable depths, and year- used like a lift to lower a swimmer into the pool. “These pools are so popular because of their versatility,” says Heard. “You can dip your toes into three or four inches of water or submerge yourself for a 30-minute swim with the swim jets,” says Heard.

With the Aquatectural Pool Cover, you get your deck space back when the pool is not being used. And the solid deck surface can support the same load as any other residential deck so you can play on it, dance on it, ride your bike across it, store a grill on it – whatever you want.

“We love taking a Smart Plunge Pool and elevating it to the next level by incorporating the Aquatectural Pool Cover,” says Cecilia. TRESSS recently installed a Smart Plunge Pool Aquatectural Pool Cover in a pool built by Modish Pools in Holliday Farms. The home was built by Gradison Design Build and offers a stunning view overlooking the fairway with interior design by Polish Interior & Art Design. Next up they are installing a Smart Plunge Pool in the historic Chatham Arch district,” says Cecilia.

“It’s a very small yard we are shoehorning it into,” says Heard.

Although some homeowners have access to a larger community pool, that doesn’t stop them from installing a Smart Plunge Pool.

“The neighborhood pool is great for kids to swim and splash around with their friends, but if you want something that provides a more round use. It’s also eco-conscious in that there’s no water evaporation, and less energy is consumed because it’s incredibly heat insulating. It offers special needs accessibility in that it can be relaxed, intimate setting in the privacy of your own backyard, the Smart Plunge Pool is ideal,” says Heard.

If you are in search of an elegant, strong, safe architectural pool cover or would like to install a private Smart Plunge Pool on your property, contact TRESSS today. For more information, call owner Cecilia Alvarez Heard at (317) 652-1366 or message us on Instagram,