by Bailey Shelton

Virginia Tile, a favorite of Indianapolis designers and builders, has opened their new showroom doors.

Although the space has been unofficially open to the public since January, the displays at Virginia Tile’s showroom on 96th street have only grown leading up to their Grand Opening in March. Now, the space offers design inspiration for home products big and small.

“We display in dealers all over the Indianapolis area, but in our showroom, we display the more customized designer lines that you won’t find in other places,” says Angie Allen, Showroom Manager. “I think designers like coming back again and again because there’s such a wide selection of products. I’ve not seen anyone use the same thing twice yet, which is kind of unreal.”

Designers and professionals across the industry have noticed home design trends leaning away from the typical resale value design choices and toward unique elements that personalize homes for their owners. Allen says there’s been an uptick in textured tile and unique shapes, and as always, a pop of color is a great way to make a design stand out.

“People are liking a lot of textured textiles. Softer travertine looks are coming back in; people want a stone look but they don’t want that big, heavy chiseled edge. People are wanting a softer, more Mediterranean look. There’s still a lot of white being used, but it’s white with a texture, or white with a shape, something with a little more character to it,” says Allen. “They want something that is gorgeous and that is more personal to them.”

The company strives to become a trusted and valuable member of the local home industry, a relationship that has already started to bloom. Part of what originally drew Virginia Tile to Indianapolis were partnerships with several local dealers. They knew, through those connections, that Indianapolis had an interest and a need for high quality tile and stone. Now six months later, it’s clear that Virginia Tile is here to stay.

Allen says, “We at Virginia Tile are just so glad that Indianapolis has really shown such a welcoming nature already. It’s nice knowing that we’ve been well-received by local designers and contractors. We’re able to bring on more and more products because Indianapolis needs and wants what we can provide for them.”

With several distributors in Central Indiana, Virginia Tile knew the Indianapolis community would welcome their business with open arms. The relationship they’ve started with builders and designers only continues to grow, with their interactive workspaces that are flexibly open to the community.

“The biggest response we’ve gotten is that it’s just such a nice space for people to design and be in,” says Allen.

Virginia Tile’s Indianapolis showroom offers several workstations, seating areas, and two private meeting rooms available for open use. The meeting rooms have a television display and work table for anyone in the community to use as a space to get creative.

Designers and homeowners alike can get up close and personal with the latest luxury tile, and connect with experts for their unique custom project. Want an Indycar mosaic in your shower floor? They’ll connect you with an expert to design that in your space. Looking for large porcelain slab panels? The Virginia Tile showroom has even the biggest samples on display.

To get started on your custom project, or just browse the latest options, visit Virginia Tile at 4161 E. 96th St. The space is open Monday through Friday, 9a.m. to 5p.m.