The Live & Connected Home Show

by Haven

The innovative Live & Connected Home Show is an all-new way for visitors to enjoy and explore your tour of homes. Invite visitors in to each home to learn all about the builders, ask questions about each home in the Guest Book, and even get the details on many of the fixtures and finishes throughout the homes via the 3D virtual tour. With unlimited access to the tour, they can revisit their favorite homes again and again.

Key Features of The Live & Connected Home Show

  • Online Ticketing Platform
  • Tour Map with quick links to each stop on the tour
  • Photos and descriptions highlighting the neighborhood and city
  • Inspiring photos, behind-the-scenes video interviews, and a 3D virtual tour of each home accompanied by detailed descriptions
  • Visitors can save inspiring photos in a My Favorites Folder for future reference
  • Build connections with About the Builder & Designer Philosophy sections for each show home, plus the Builder Guestbook
  • Visitor Survey and People’s Choice Voting

Additional Benefits

The Live & Connected Home Show has several value added benefits for your organization, participating builders, and attendees:

  • Expand your reach to out-of-town visitors who may be looking to relocate
  • Add value for builders via more opportunities to connect with guests
  • Extend the impact of your show by offering access to the virtual tour after the in-person show has concluded
  • Use media assets and the virtual tour itself to promote the on-going show and in the future for new home shows
  • Builders will receive a media package including all digital assets for their show home when the in-person show ends

Live & Connected Case Study

See our Case Study on the 2020 First Internet Bank Home-A-Rama at Holliday Farms in Zionsville for more details on how Live & Connected elevates the entire home show.

Read the case study

Live & Connected Home Show Pricing

base website | $6,600

Content Population
Design, layout and formatting for each home in the show as well as all event pages (City, Neighborhood, Event Details, Etc.) Includes population and upload of all photos, videos, Matterport 3D tours, written copy, and contact forms.

Post-Launch Website Updates
Haven is with you throughout the show, monitoring the website and providing Ticket Updates, Content Changes, Guest Comments, and Builder Follow-Up

Survey & Analytics Admin
Build Out Survey, QR Code Setup, Analytics Setup

media package | $3,000 per home

Videography – 1 Video Per Home
Builder interview to showcase the inspiration behind the home and some of its most unique features

Photography – 20-30 Images Per Home
Hi-Resolution Photography to highlight the homes best features and allow visitors to save their favorite images

Matterport 3D Photography
An interactive 3D tour of each home featuring details about the products available.

Includes schedule coordination between builders, photographers & videographers

Live & Connected Enhancements

Matterport Tags – $50.00 per tag

Ticketing – $8,500.00
Creating All Tickets, Schedule, Coupon Codes, Customer Emails, Ticket PDFs, Testing

Server Admin & Tech Support – $3,750.00
Server & Domain Admin, Troubleshooting

Ad / Vendor Management Microsite – $5,400.00
Setup vendor signup Micro Site, Forms, Ad Spaces, Logo Sizing

Tour Guidebook – $13,000.00*
Welcome pages, tour maps, sponsor information, advertising, and two-page spreads for each builder
*Price subject to page count and distribution numbers, example price for 24 pages and 5000 copies

Example: Matterport 3D Tour featuring interactive Mattertags


The Haven team guides you through developing a multi-media strategy using 3D imaging, photo, video, and copywriting to design a custom virtual tour that tells your unique story. Whether it’s for your company showroom, a home tour, or project case study, our team can create a virtual tour for your clients unlike anything they have seen before.

The innovative and distinctive Live & Connected Home Show includes not just photos and videos of your space or project, but also an interactive 3D tour featuring details about the products available, as well as additional information about you and your vendor partners with tags and links to more content.

Are you ready to discover the power of this distinctive marketing tool?

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