How Haven/AGM Can Help

To stay relevant an sustain growth, associations must improve the way they engage members while raising non-dues revenue. As a Haven Media Partner the INRLA will gain access to turn-key, easy-to-implement resources that drive engagement and generate non-dues revenue. Your members will be more engaged, you will have additional revenue and your association will lead the industry to a better, more successful future.

new members,new levels of engagementand new revenue

Our industry is transforming before our eyes and it’s no secret that the traditional value of membership organizations needs to change more than ever in a post-pandemic world. Be the catalyst of growth for your members, drive engagement and drive revenue.

The 3 Big Challenges Facing Your Builders Association

  • Communicating Value of Membership
  • Member Engagement & Retention
  • Generating Non-dues Revenue

The Solution

Haven has developed an engagement strategy that takes your HBA beyond the crisis of irrelevance and back to the helm of leadership for the industry.

Drive Member Engagement and raise Non-Dues revenue at the same time.

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4 ways we drive member engagement

Cover Parties

Our Cover Parties are a high-value way for your members to experience your association. They are fun, productive and build your brand with them through a shared experience.


Member to Member Marketing

Our research indicates that members typically only know about 20% of the other members in their association. In an industry where 80% of business is driven through relationships and referrals, member to member marketing is the easiest way to help your members connect and generate business.


Industry Promotion

Haven works to promote the industry and your HBA through cross-channel marketing that creates a cohesive message. Using multiple marketing mediums reaches a wider audience allowing you to educate the local community, potential members, policy makers and the leaders who move the industry forward.



Strong member businesses are the foundation for any great HBA. We provide modern, relevant education to HBA members to help them grow their businesses. Combining the best experts with the latest strategies and tactics along with round-table-style discussion keeps HBA partner members engaged.


3 ways we drive non-dues revenue

Haven Magazine

Our magazine is a simple way for our partners to monetize their association database while driving higher engagement, promoting their members, and building a following. More awareness throughout the community is beneficial for membership and the association.


Digital Marketing

Members have basic needs when it comes to websites, social media management, video, landing pages and marketing automation. We count this revenue in our partner program with our association partners to help your members grow and drive non-dues revenue.


Live & Connected Home Shows

Take your home show to the next level while maximizing exposure and revenue. The innovative Live & Connected Home Show is an all-new way for visitors to enjoy and explore your tour of homes. Easily manage ticket sales online from one convenient hub. Provide ticketing options for in-person and virtual tours. Engage visitors before and after the show through the virtual tour. Invite visitors into each home to learn all about the builders, ask questions about each home in the Guest Book, and even get the details on many of the fixtures and finishes throughout the homes via the 3D virtual tour. With unlimited virtual access, they can revisit their favorite homes again and again.


We roll out the red carpet for every issue of Haven

Hosted by the company featured on cover of each haven publication, the Cover Party is a free event, open to the public, and promotes different charitable organizations. Often featuring live music, free food and drinks, the cover party is an opportunity for the community and homeowners to come together with the best of the best in the home building and home services industry to support a good cause.


Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis

Each year, the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis hosts Home-A-Rama; a luxury home tour drawing tens of thousands of visitors over 3 weekends in the fall. However, 2020 brought new challenges to the organizers of this event, and they turned to Haven Media to help produce an innovative solution.

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