“Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.” Chip Bell, customer Loyalty Thought-Leader  

Your customers like you. They’re happy with the product or service you provided them, and if they need it, or something like it, again, they may just go right back to you. But are they faithful? When they have a need or want, are you top of mind? Do they refuse to turn to anyone else but you? Will they insist their friends do business with you? They will if you make customer loyalty a priority. 

Customer Loyalty Goes Beyond Satisfaction 

We are going to sneak one more quote in here, and that’s it, we promise. Speaker, author, and business coach Jeffrey Gitomer says, “Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.” Now… we don’t think customer satisfaction is worthless. But think of it as the table stakes. This is what allows you to sit down and play the next hand in the business world.  

Build on that.  

Customers who are loyal to and connect with your brand on an emotional level are far more likely to: 

  • Actively promote your business to friends, family, and connections 
  • Increase the size and frequency of purchases 
  • Keep you top of mind 
  • Turn to you whenever they need something 

They also spend twice as much (or more) with you. Customer loyalty has a real, bottom-line, impact. 

So how do you leverage satisfaction into loyalty? 

3 Surefire Ways to Build Customer Loyalty  

Free bonus tip: Do what you do and do it exceedingly well. Then do more.

1. Integrate Your Values 

Take a good look in the mirror. What is it about your services, products, and offerings that makes you worthy of loyalty? Zero in on the qualities that are unique to you, that serve to differentiate you from competitors.  


Boral Builders does this masterfully by highlighting their exacting attention to detail and the quality of the materials that they put into each and every home they build. It’s not just lumber and hardware; it is people working diligently at every stage of the process to ensure optimal results. Their values evoke the “they don’t build ‘em like they used to” commitment to durability and quality. And then they reinforce the message, “No, we don’t build ‘em like we used to. We build them better.” Integrate your values into your marketing messages and into each touchpoint.

2. Remember You’re in the Customer Service Business 

Delivering exceptional service and a memorable customer experience is paramount. Remember that this doesn’t just mean when you meet with them or visit for a virtual or in-person consultation. It means engaging them through various touchpoints, from your website and social media to your customer service reps to your field crews.  

It also means going above and beyond to ensure they are not only satisfied with their design or construction project, but excited and confident. G&G Custom Homes, for example, works with a select number of clients each year in order to give them the personalized, one-on-one attention they need. They also employ tools like BuilderTrend that allow their homeowners to access their project status, view and approve change orders, see and share photos, track their budget, categorize expenses, and contact their custom home building team anytime, anywhere. This is customer service, and customer experience, at its best.

3. Leverage Brand Advocates

You nailed it. You hit a grand slam with your latest project, and your customers are ecstatic. They’re tagging you on Facebook and Instagram. They just referred their brother-in-law and the woman over in accounting. Don’t let these brand advocates go to waste. Engage with them, and often. Through them, you can gain insight into who is engaging with your brand (and why), and loyalists can lead you to others who fit your target profile. 

Don’t forget to thank these folks. According to the “surprise and delight” strategy, you can proffer special gifts to these advocates/loyalists to show your appreciation. Whether it’s a gift card for a restaurant near their newly built home, an upgrade on a product, or a discounted service, a little token can go a long way in keeping the positive buzz going. 

Just the Beginning 

There are a million and one ways to create customer loyalty, but they all lay on the foundation of these three strategies. Are you ready to build on them? Contact Haven, and let’s get started.