By Katie Mientka

Leads are the lifeblood of your business; without a steady supply, you cannot grow. It is that simple. What is more complicated is generating those leads. How do you attract and convert strangers and prospects into customers? This is particularly challenging given the intensely competitive business landscape. So why not try a few lead generation strategies that your competition is largely neglecting? You will gain an edge — not to mention more customers!

Top Tips to Generate Quality Leads

You have an engaging website, a strong social presence, and, most importantly, a terrific team that brings your brand promises to life. Great! Now, try this:

1. Look for Cross-Promotion Opportunities

Cross-promotion has been around for years, but it is not on the radar of many businesses in terms of lead generation. The key is to find a brand that is similar enough to your own that messaging will resonate with audiences but not so similar that your partner becomes your biggest competitor.

This strategy is particularly relevant to the design and construction industries: an interior designer’s expertise, for example, perfectly dovetails with the offerings of a master builder. They’re not going to “steal” one another’s customers: in fact, they can bring new business to both themselves and their partner.

2. Create Engaging, Interactive Quizzes

We’re not in high school math class anymore; most of us really enjoy quizzes now! Especially when they are relevant to our needs and guide us towards the answers we need. An interactive quiz is a great way to present information visually, gather necessary insights and information from prospects, and present yourself as a trusted solution.

When designing your quiz, make sure the questions are targeted and ask only what you need to supply an answer. Make sure each section gives your audience something fun or interesting with which to engage, and wrap up with a strong call to action.

In Haven’s “How Effective Is Your Marketing” Quiz, we use GIFs and other elements to ensure the quiz is fun and fresh — rather than making it seem like homework!

3. Answer Questions on Quora

This Q&A forum has grown in popularity. You can find answers to virtually any question you could ever think of — and a lot you never thought to ask. There are construction and design subcategories that you can dive into, providing answers for potential customers. Search for conversations that are happening on topics for which you are an authority. Be sure to put your name, title, and company so you get that extra SEO boost as well.

4. Optimize Your About Page

Many brands think about their About Us page when they’re building their website — and never again. It’s left to gather virtual cobwebs. Revisit it, and this page can become a lead generation powerhouse. About Us (or Meet Our Team, Our Story, or whatever you choose to call it) is a main point of contact and connection with prospects and customers.

Some tips to revamp it:

  • Break content into small, easily digestible pieces, separated by clear, relevant sub-headlines
  • Add a visually pleasing (but not busy) graphic or image
  • Use your headline to clearly state your unique value proposition and introduce your anchor statement
  • Conclude with a compelling call to action

If you haven’t given your About page some attention recently, now’s the time.

5. Try Remarketing

The buyer’s journey is not a straight line from website to purchase. It often takes multiple touchpoints to convert. To generate high quality leads — and get them to take the next steps with you — try remarketing. This technique allows you to connect back with people who have already interacted with your brand online.

Say, for example, that a Google user searched for a company that builds custom homes. They find your website and take a look. But before they complete a CTA (e.g. contact you), they leave the site.

Lost opportunity? Not necessarily! You know what they’re interested in, so with cookies, you can track them. When they’re on Facebook, you can “retarget” them with an add tailored to their needs. You’ll heat up warm leads, and they tend to convert at a higher rate as well.

Your competitors are unlikely to be taking all of these steps, giving you a prime opportunity to pull ahead when it comes to lead generation.

Need help implementing these lead generation strategies? Haven is here to make it simple, painless, and effective. Connect with us to learn more.