Did You Know Haven Does… Website Design and Development?

Who is Haven? 

We’re a little bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to marketing and advertising, with customized offerings that work for your unique goals. But even a jack of all trades has a few specialties.  

In fact, did you know that Haven does website design and development? 

It’s kind of our thing. 


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You NEED A Kick…Butt Website 

Do you really need one? Yes. Can you just use free social media? No. But… No buts. A website is not optional, and a Facebook page is not a website. Think of it as one of the most critical investments you can make in your business. Here’s why: 

  • You increase visibility. When your website is optimized for search, you can achieve much better rankings in the search results pages. The first three results receive the overwhelming majority of traffic. People usually don’t bother clicking over to page 2. With a solid website, you can reach your audience whether they are across the world or across town. 
  • You establish credibility and build trust. A professional website is not just shiny and pretty. It creates an image of legitimacy and authority with your audience. Yes, they do “judge a book by its cover.” It takes just 50 milliseconds for the average person to form an opinion of your website. Blink, and they may be gone! Further, 48% of internet users say that web design is the #1 way they judge a business’s credibility.  
  • You save everyone’s time! Consider your website as a 24/7 showroom. It’s always open – and it works for cheap money. Prospects and potential customers/clients can learn about your business whenever and wherever they want, read your helpful educational content, and even click “Buy Now.” 

Consumers expect you to maintain a robust and authoritative online presence. If you build it… They will come. 

Website Design and Development with Haven 

How do you build a website that blows your customers’ minds – and the competition away? Simple. You connect with our multidisciplinary team of experts. We’ll help you build a website that prioritizes the customer, elevates your brand, and guides visitors through the sales journey seamlessly from start to finish.  

Utilizing the latest industry standards and applying proven strategies for speed, SEO, content, navigation, ecommerce, etc., we empower your business to deliver an outstanding experience to your clients and send qualified leads right to your door (or… inbox). 

Take a look at our work: 

G&G Custom Homes  

G&G Custom Homes is a dynamic builder who specializes in providing top-notch customer service and jaw-dropping results. They needed a website that was as elegant and user-friendly as they are! We delivered… with responsive sites that load and display beautifully across all devices. 

Hub & Spoke  

Have you been to Hub & Spoke? If so, go again. If not, make it a must on your to-do list. This multi-use space features retail showrooms, coworking areas, and a fully-equipped makerspace. They do so much for our community, and their website is an invaluable way to connect with community members, makers, and doers. Their Haven-designed and developed site allows them to spread the word – and the good work. 

What makes a Haven website different? You tell us. Or better yet, have your new customers tell you 

Ready, Set… Grow 

Is your website working as hard for you as possible? It’s time to sit down with our team and turn it into a customer-building, revenue-generating powerhouse. Connect with Haven to learn more.