Think that Instagram for design and construction businesses just doesn’t make sense? Think again! Here are do’s and don’ts of Instagram for businesses that will help you reach your audience. 

We’re going to take a wild guess as to what you’re thinking right now: my business doesn’t need Instagram. It’s for kids, and our audience just isn’t there. I don’t want to waste time or money talking to people who aren’t listening.  Are we close? But it’s worth rethinking: Instagram for design and construction businesses has the potential to transform your marketing strategy — and provide a key to increased engagement, interaction, and conversion. 

Instagram By the Numbers instagram

Yes, Instagram does hold tremendous appeal for the “kids.” Fifty-nine percent of US users are between 18 and 29. But don’t discount the 33 percent who are between 30 and 49. Some other stats to give you a new perspective on Insta: 

  • 70% of US users have post-secondary education 
  • 42% of users earn $75,000+ 
  • 80% of users follow at least one brand 
  • 75% of Instagram users take some action after looking at a post (e.g. visiting the brand’s webpage) 
  • Instagram’s interaction rate leads the social media pack at 2.2% (Facebook’s is only 0.22%) 

So what’s this mean: your audience is there. They’re looking for brands; they’re looking to interact and connect; they’re looking to find a solution to a problem or challenge they face.  They’re looking for you.  

How do you make sure they find you and that they engage with your brand? Start with these do’s and don’ts of Instagram for business. 

A Quick Guide to Instagram for Business 

DO: Have a Strategy

It’s common for businesses to recognize that they need an Instagram presence and throw up posts with a “spray and pray” approach. That is, they’re posting random pieces that do not necessarily align with a larger strategy. This ensures that any success you achieve will be both accidental and short-lived. 

This do has a don’t: don’t just post just to post. Create a strategy that will drive you towards your goals. An effective “formula” for success is mixing high value content (e.g. videos, behind-the-scenes photos, quotes, etc.) with action-oriented posts (e.g. links to blogs, promotions, contents, contact CTAs) on a consistent basis.  

Before you start posting, take time to consider the types of content that your audience wants and needs to see. Create a schedule so you’re hitting your targets with timely, relevant information and inspiration.  


DON’T: Put Content Second

Instagram is a visually-oriented platform. Pictures, images, and videos rule. But never put design over content. Your content — the meat of your posts — should guide design, not the other way around. Try product demos and videos, client testimonials, behind-the-scenes looks at a job site, before-and-afters of a successful project, company culture highlights, company and industry news, and educational materials. aco

Above all, clarify your brand narrative. What is the story you want to tell to your audience? How can you convey that in a compelling, visual way? 

Here’s a look at some posts from ACo: 

Through images, ACo tells their story and reinforces their motto: “Love Where You Live.” From using tech to streamline projects to gorgeous renovations to happy families, their narrative comes across clearly. 

DO: Use Analytics 

How do you know if your Instagram strategy is successful? Don’t guess: know. Analytics help you determine what’s working, what’s not, and how to course-correct. Look at both audience and content analytics, such as: 

  • Day/time that your audience is most engaged 
  • Where your audience is and in which time zone 
  • Age range 
  • Website clicks and clicks to emails 
  • Interactions (e.g. visiting profile page, sending email from your page) 
  • Profile visits
  • Discovery (i.e. how many times your posts/profile has been seen over the last week) 
  • Impressions (number of times your post has been viewed) 
  • Reach (number of unique views which differentiates from followers who look at a post multiple times) 

If you’re not grabbing their attention, how can you revise your strategy? If you are, how can you do more? 

DON’T: Be Inconsistent 

You need to create a consistent brand presence across all platforms and channels, digital and physical. Use fonts, colors, filters, captions, and hashtags that your audience will readily associate with your brand. This builds familiarity — and trust.  

It is also critical to be consistent in terms of posting. Research indicates that posting once or twice a day delivers the best returns on your effort. For Instagram, prime times are between 8:00 and 9:00 am EST Mondays-Thursdays. Be sure to push out your most enticing, high value content then. 

DON’T: Forget Your Hashtags


Hashtags are essentially keywords, and you can use them to hashtaghelp potential followers (and clients) find you. Long-tail keywords enable you to zero in on specific audiences, target people by region, and promote services, products, and more. 

You can use up to 30 unique hashtags per post, but you don’t need that many. The trick is to make sure they are relevant to your brand and industry, and use both short- and long-tail keywords. When posts have just 10, interaction is 22%. When they have 11 or more, that jumps to almost 80%.2 

DO: Tell Instagram Stories

These are posts featuring videos and photos that disappear after 24 hours. Why waste time posting content that no one can view the day after? A few reasons: they are “discoverable,” which means that people who don’t follow you can see them too.  

Further, they create a sense of urgency and exclusivity that people love. No one wants to suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), and a time-limited post automatically builds in that sense of “I must see it before it’s gone.” 

And… they’re fun! Don’t discount the fun factor when you’re trying to reach your audience. 

DON’T: Get Lazy! lazy

Part of your strategy should include interaction with other businesses in your space. If you’re a construction firm, for example, reach out to design companies. Comment, share, and promote posts that add value to your audience. And make sure that you respond to comments you receive!  

Instagram isn’t “set and forget.” Save that for your crockpot. You need to be actively engaged. 

DO: Get Started! 

Leveraging Instagram for design and construction businesses is a solid move. The platform has over one billion users, and potential and current clients are among them. Start with strategy, and begin interacting with them in a meaningful way.