By Katie Mientka

To reach your target audience, to establish trust, to build your authority, to tell your story of expertise… you need content. And lots of it. From your website’s blog to Facebook to guest articles for industry publications, today’s consumers have a hearty appetite for fresh, high-quality information. But content creation is time-consuming and can be pricey. The solution? Repurposing existing content. 

Repurpose Your Content – and Reap the Benefits

In addition to freeing your people to focus on mission-critical tasks and maximizing your budget, content repurposing enables your brand to:

  • Boost Your SEO. Repurposed content allows you to home in on target keywords, helping you rank higher in the search results for those terms. Additionally, if you use the content outside of your website, you can link back to yourself – search engines love backlinks.
  • Reach New People. If you have a great blog post, repurpose it into a social post to get it in front of new eyes. Or shoot a quick video with the key points and put it on your YouTube channel. A multi-channel marketing strategy allows you to reach new people in the places they prefer to search/research.
  • Emphasize Your Message. Repetition is key to ensuring your message sinks in with consumers. When you use consistent language (e.g. your anchor statement) in different types of content and across different platforms, you build brand recognition, familiarity, and trust.

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Repurpose Content

Let’s get to the crux of the matter: repurposing content is beneficial – but how do you do it?

First, identify content that you can, and should, repurpose. Look for “evergreen” pieces (i.e. those that will never be outdated), your most popular posts, and pieces on which you can expand with new information. Then turn them into:

1. Infographics

If you have a piece of content with a lot of data and stats, an infographic provides an at-a-glance way to digest it. Consumers respond to visuals, and you can reach people who don’t have the time or inclination to read longer pieces.

Also try instruct-o-graphics. Akin to infographics, these visuals take viewers through a step-by-step process. It’s like a quick-form how-to with simple pictures/images.

2. Revamp a Solid Blog Post

If you have an older piece that is still relevant but has a few outdated details, dust it off. Refresh the language, add new stats or data, and ensure it is in a format that appeals to readers: bullet points, lists, headlines, add an image, etc. This is a quick and simple way to ensure that content is working as efficiently for you as possible.

3. Create an eBook

Let’s say you have a lot of how-to content (e.g. How to Find the Right Home Builder, How to Approach the Financing Process, etc.). These can be easily assembled into a helpful guide for prospects and customers. Refresh pieces as necessary, introduce new facts or industry events, and create transitions between “chapters,” so the eBook flows organically.

Take a look at your existing content. Which pieces can be brought together into a longform piece?

Bonus: you can offer this as exclusive content if prospects complete a CTA (e.g. schedule a consult, get a free eBook).

4. Produce a Video Series

Content can come alive when you transform it into a series of quick videos or podcasts, which are also perfect for social media. We are happy to help you produce assets with the professional quality you need.

5. Turn Visual, Video, and Social Content into Written Pieces

It goes both ways! If a follower on Facebook asks a great question and starts a conversation, for example, run with the idea. When one person is asking, many more are probably wondering too. Create a post that answers the question and invites people to share their ideas (and thank the original follower on Facebook, too. Social media is about community!) Easy.

Work Smarter – Not Harder!

Content development takes a great deal of time. You cannot create more hours in the day – but you can repurpose content so you don’t have to work as hard to keep up with your audience’s demand for information and interaction. This is one way to take the frustration out of marketing! Ready to repurpose? The Haven team is here to do the heavy lifting so you can get back to work, connect with us today.