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By Katie Mientka

According to Harvard Business Review, a salesperson needs to possess two qualities to be effective: empathy and ego drive. The first one puts him or her in the client’s shoes. The second one makes him or her want and need to make the sale and not just for your bottom line.

Is your company looking for ways to increase sales? What can you do to ensure goals for sales reps are met?

In the design and construction industry, many businesses rely on representatives to drive sales, and you need them to be effective to keep your business afloat. Keep reading to learn how boot camps can improve your team’s sales performance.

Sales Performance Boot Camp

You think you have hired the right people. They have great social and verbal skills. The question you need to ask, though, is, “Can they close the deal?”

When relying on your salesforce in addition to social media strategies, a well-trained sales division is your key to success. Here are a few reasons you should consider boot camps as a way of increasing sales strategies.

1. Tailored Training 

The training can be tailored to be specific to your organization. For example, does your team need some training for staying on top of the latest design and decor trends?

What about learning how to exhibit their construction expertise to assure a client that you are the right company for the job?

Boot camp training covers learning to recognize what makes customers buy certain products and how to connect with customers to form lasting relationships.

2. Increase Your Bottom Line

boot camp

Improved service and a well-trained salesperson will benefit your business immensely. Do you go back to businesses that have inadequate or unknowledgeable staff?

On the other hand, are you more likely to do business with a company that has knowledgeable, well-trained employees who deliver quality service?

With home services, design, and construction clients will shout from the rooftops if they’re pleased with your work. They’ll be repeat customers and will recommend you to all of their friends and colleagues.

3. Learn New Sales Techniques

With an ever-changing world, new sales techniques are developed to keep up with the times. What worked even a few years ago may not work today.

The methods used to reach customers change and customer needs also change.

People spend a lot of time on social media. Being able to browse what’s new in design, decor, and construction is important to potential clients.

Best Practices for Training: Dos and Don’ts

Training is a big part of improving any business. Here a few dos and don’ts when engaging employees in training.



  • Forget to tailor it to the needs of your company and clients.
  • Use outdated methods.
  • Use unstructured training efforts.

Follow these rules for positive results.

How to Drive Sales

Understanding how boot camp can improve your sales force and sales performance is only the first step, next you’ll want to find the right training for your team, and help incorporate what they learn into your everyday business practices.