Why Advertise Now

A century of research has proven that companies that maintain or boost their marketing and advertising spend during downturns and crises increase sales and market share.


  • Amplify your efforts. Many of your competitors will slash their marketing and advertising budgets, dropping the noise level. You can make a bigger impact on your audience – and because costs typically drop, you can do more for less.
  • Project an image of stability and sustainability. This is incredibly encouraging to customers in times when reassurance is hard to come by.
  • Maintain “mind share.” It is essential that you stay at the top of your customers’ mind during difficult times. Mind share and “share of voice” (a measure of how dominant your brand’s voice is in your industry) leads to increased market share.

The Haven Marketing Survival Kit

Keep the wheels of your business turning during any economic slowdown with Haven’s 3-pronged marketing approach, the Haven Marketing Survival Kit includes:

  1. Haven Facebook Live Interview hosted by Adam Grubb and promoted on Haven’s network
  2. Campaign video for use on website, social, etc.
  3. 1 full page feature story in Haven Magazine written and designed by Haven


Distribution of your marketing survival kit will include magazine, social, and digital promotions.

Haven Home Magazine is direct mailed to over 19,300 addresses including affluent homeowners, trade industry businesses, and other local businesses in Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, and Marion Counties.

Each issue of the magazine is also distributed digitally to our subscribers and an additional 5,834 emails in our targeted demographic of affluent homeowners.

Social posting and promotion on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. In 2019, our total social media posts reached over 340,000 people.

During a global economic slowdown or crisis, it is more important than ever to market your business and keep driving in revenue. Evidence shows again and again that maintaining or increasing marketing efforts is critical to surviving a recession, and Haven is here to help guide you. Connect with us today to learn more or get started with our Marketing Survival Kit.