By Katie Mientka

Raise your hand if you love a good story! Everyone does; it’s human nature. We connect with characters. We care about their conflicts. We root for the hero. We even feel what they feel. So why not tell your prospects and customers a good one? Brand stories and campaign stories are powerful methods by which you can reach and engage the right audience — while reaching your key business goals.

What is a Brand Story?

It’s this:

Photo: Haven Media

Brand stories are designed to spotlight your brand, products, or services with a specific story of excellence. You bring your unique value proposition to life while emphasizing your purpose and connection to customers and/or employees.

In this video, Wesley’s Landscape & Lawncare shines the spotlight on their amazing employees. Friday afternoons, most of us like to kick back. Wesley’s landscaping and lawn care pros take it a few steps further — and faster.

When management saw that their people were playing some casual soccer at the end of the work week, they decided to kick it up a notch. They prepared a field, installed goals, made each employee a personalized jersey, and created a terrific team-building activity that people look forward to all week.

Wesley’s did this because their people are worth it. Because that’s who they are as a brand.

Sharing this story helps current and potential customers, as well as current and potential employees, feel connected to the company. It’s not faceless or anonymous or boring or “corporate.” It’s good people doing good work — together. This message, this story, comes across loud and clear through brand video.

What is a Campaign Story?

Campaign stories can be a testimonial, an example of your work, an educational segment about one of your products/services and its applications, etc.. They work to position your brand as the top choice — the only choice! — while drawing in potential clients and driving conversions.

An example:

Photo: Haven Media – “For the Love of the Build” Video

This campaign story is part work example, part testimonial. DeAnna is a first-time homeowner, and she’s been onsite every day, seeing her dream come to life. But she’s doing more than watching: she’s helping build it with help from Habitat for Humanity and volunteers.

DeAnna says, “I don’t know how I’m going to feel; I don’t know if I’m going to cry! I know I’m happy every day that I come here. Every day.”

Jim Morris, President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity, says DeAnna’s the inspiration. “She’s invited us in, and everyone that’s out each day as a volunteer gets to participate in that story that she’s building for her and her future.”

Viewers also participate in the story. It resonates with anyone who has ever dreamed of owning a home, as well as anyone who ever wanted to work with Habitat for Humanity. It hits home (that was an unintentional pun, but we’ll keep it).

Meaningful Multi-Channel Campaign and Brand Stories

Video can be launched from your website, from video-specific platforms, from social media, or from your sales/marketing funnels. This content helps drive engagement and education more powerfully than virtually any other medium.

So, what’s the point of brand and campaign stories? Your audience is the point. Your company, your people, your products and services are the point. Your unique story is the point.

Bringing these elements together in compelling ways to enhance engagement, to build relationships, to achieve business critical goals — that is the result you can expect when you partner with marketing professionals who know how to tell a good story.

Are you interested in learning more about brand and campaign stories? Wondering how they could fit into your marketing strategy? Contact us today for help telling your story of expertise to the right audience.