evaluate your marketing

Evaluate Your Marketing Strategy - Is It Effective?

You have a plan, a strategy, initiatives, campaigns. Are they working? If you are not actively tracking the numbers, you have no idea what’s hitting, what’s missing, where you’re gaining customers and market share – and where you’re losing out on opportunities. You must evaluate your marketing, it is integral to forging a path that leads you to greater reach and results.

Don’t guess: Know.

How to Evaluate Your Marketing

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Welcome to the club! Most business owners feel this way. To get started in evaluating your current marketing, though, just ask yourself (and your team) a few essential questions:

1. Are You SMART?

Of course, you are – but are your goals? Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Time-Bound. We want to sell more stuff and make more money is not going to cut it. What do you really need to accomplish in order to see movement? Increase the number of free consultation signups by boosting our click-through rate on social ads to 4% within six weeks.

If you cannot distill your intentions down to SMART goals, this is a sign that your marketing strategy may not be as effective as you hope (or as you think) it is.

2. Do You Know – and Understand – Your Buyers?

Who are they? What do they need? What do they want? What are their goals? Their interests? Their passions? Their challenges? Their pain points? Dig into your target audience and get to know them on a deeper level. Where do they come from? In what age bracket and socioeconomic status do they operate in? What is their educational level? Demographics and customer research is more than ticking a few boxes and guessing at the rest.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again (at least once more!) ... Don’t guess. Know.

3. Does Your Website and Content Work for You?

When someone navigates to your website, what do they see? What lives above the fold? Compelling content, images, video, and calls-to-action – or clutter? Is information easy to find? Is connecting with your team seamless and the logical next step?

evaluate your marketing

Content should always aim to deliver timely, relevant, and authoritative answers to a prospective customer’s challenges. It should also help them get to know your business, how you can help, and why you are the solution for which they’ve been searching.

Is your content doing that for you?

4. Are You Tracking Your Marketing Results?

To the previous point: Is your content working for you? How do you know? Look at key metrics to see if you are achieving the ROI you want and need. Everything from site visits and social ad click-through rates to new signups, email opens, and form completion is integral in analyzing the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Is all of this bringing in enough new/repeat business to justify the cost?

What are the numbers telling you? Many businesses simply don’t know. If you don’t know how to track results, now is the time to make that a SMART goal!

5. Are You Stressed and Overwhelmed?

You are. Marketing is a full-time job in and of itself. Trying to figure out the intricacies – what to post, when, and where, how to reach a media-saturated audience, how to promote your offerings, etc. – is a challenge. Let’s not forget you have a business to run. Stress, burnout, uncertainty, and frustration often follow home industry businesses like a shadow.

Don’t Guess

Know. The team at Haven Media has been working in the design & construction industry since 2004. In that time, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, so we can help you evaluate your marketing. With proven strategies that help connect your brand to clients and prospects, we help you tell your story of expertise so you can win more jobs, get more done, and provide a better customer experience.

Learn more about the Haven Difference and connect to find out how we can help you on your marketing journey.

local magazine

Haven Magazine - Your Local Guide to All Things Home

local magazineDid you know that Haven has a local magazine? And not only that, but it is also the only magazine created by the design and construction industry for the design and construction industry? Our collective decades of experience in this space allows us to showcase relevant, knowledge-building content from the best and brightest in our area.

• Increase brand recognition.
• Connect with the right audience.
• Establish trust.
• Elevate your results.

Focused print marketing cuts through the clutter and empowers you to achieve your business-building goals.

local magazineHaven Magazine: The Local Guide to All Things Home

We offer a coffee table publication dedicated to helping brands just like yours tell their story of expertise – and do so in a compelling way that resonates with your target audience. Let’s face it, the digital landscape is as packed as 465 during rush hour. Print marketing helps you narrow your focus and reach the right people.

We know that telling your story means little if the right people are not hearing it. Issued in print five times annually, plus a digital Best Of edition in January, Haven Magazine helps you target over 8000 affluent homeowners in Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, and Marion counties (i.e. incomes of $250,000/year and home values over $550,000), more than 2550 Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI) members and other industry professionals, and over 1400 additional local businesses.

Our team integrates impactful digital and social strategies to expand your reach. For example, we distribute Haven digitally to over 15,000 people, ensure each issue is available on the Haven website, publish each article individually for maximum visibility, deliver an effective newsletter each month, and create posts about your brand on Haven’s social channels. Whether you choose to purchase an ad, feature story, or cover story, your print presence will be a highly effective marketing asset.

Haven Cover Party

Imagine your brand on the cover of a widely read and respected local magazine. Or make it a reality. Your project/company will be featured on the front cover with a four-page spread on prime real estate in the magazine (the middle) and enhanced with professional photos and writing.

In addition, you will be the host of a Haven Cover Party. Attended by industry professionals, members of the community, and your own VIP list, this event helps promote a charitable organization that matters to you. We often feature live music and free food and drinks, bringing the community together with the best home building and home services industry professionals to support good causes – all while networking, promoting, and celebrating your business.

We are big believers in “go big or go home,” so we also add social and digital promotion of your Cover Party, a charity beneficiary video to promote the organization of your choice, a cover party video recap for you to share online, and professional event photography with a two-page spread in the following issue.

Bang for Your Advertising Buck

Brian Schutt, owner of Homesense Heating & Cooling, says, “In our entire marketing mix, Haven is the single best use of our advertising dollar. The combination of being highly targeted, high-quality production, and sharing pages with the best firms in design, construction and home services, makes the investment in Haven a no-brainer. Haven has certainly been a part of our growth this year, and will be part of our marketing plan for years to come.”

Find top local businesses and professionals in current and past issues of Haven Magazine.

Print Is Not Dead

In fact, folks, it is alive and kicking. Print marketing through a local magazine is one of the most cost-effective, efficient, and targeted ways you can reach your audience and connect with the right clients.

Download Haven’s Media Kit to learn more about advertising with Haven or subscribe and never miss an issue!

Did You Know Haven Does… Print Marketing?

Did you know Haven was created for you? We recognized that there wasn’t a marketing, advertising, and media partner that specialized in – and truly understood – the unique pressures of the home design, decor, and construction industry. So we built one. Connecting with your target audience and telling your brand story in a compelling way can be challenging; this is why our experienced team develops multi-faceted, customized strategies that support your business-building goals. 

Print marketing helps you reach prospects and customers where they are and in a way that resonates with them. 

Print Marketing…. Still? 

Yes, print marketing is still a thing! While spending on digital marketing has grown, edging print a bit further down the priority list, we still put in a collective $46.87 billion on these efforts. Why?  

Because they work.  

Print media is seen by consumers as the most trustworthy source of news and information. Further, studies show that 88% of respondents say that they understand, retain, and apply information more effectively when they read print on paper. They don’t have to scroll, move, and read at the same time. They just have to read… and, if your story is engaging enough, turn the page. This is part of the reason that most (81%) say that they prefer reading on paper and find it more relaxing.  

Print is cost-effective; it provides a sensory experience; it allows you to get very specific when targeting your audience. But…My business is trying to appeal to younger consumers. Millennials want digital everything 

Nope. Eighty-nine percent of millennials consume print material for work-related and educational content. As far as other content, they prefer to consume at least part of it in print.  

Leveraging the Power of Print 

Give your audience what it wants: Print! We can help you develop and leverage critical print assets, such as: 

Haven Magazine 

In an oversaturated digital landscape, a focused print marketing strategy cuts through the clutter. Haven Magazine is a coffee table publication focused on showcasing relevant, knowledge-building content from the best local design and construction businesses.  We help you build brand recognition and connect with the right clients. 


This is the sales enablement tool you need to showcase your best projects and maximize the value of your marketing and education assets. Your customized, unique branded portfolio, which prospects and leads can easily download, features your unique value proposition, goals, vision, key service offerings, team, and informative case studies. 

See a Brandfolio in action here 

Business Cards 

Are business cards still relevant in 2023? In a word: YES! The unassuming card is one of the most effective (and cost-effective) ways to connect and promote your brand and yourself. As mentioned, people still like tangible assets; when they need your number to follow up after a meeting, presentation, meet-and-greet, trade show appearance, etc., they find your card. Further, the quality and style of your card speaks volumes: the print, font, design, and other elements highlight your brand personality and professionalism.  

You can add digital touches, such as links to your website and social profiles, email address, and/or QR code. 

Home Show Planbooks 

The best way to showcase your craftsmanship, ingenuity, innovation, and style is for people to see it in person. Second best? A beautifully designed planbook that gives consumers the information they need to make solid decisions – and the inspiration they need to take the next steps. 

Ad Design 

The beauty of print is that it is highly targeted, and you can utilize your marketing/advertising dollars very strategically. Pinpoint your audience, and customize ads that capture their interest, meet their needs, spark their imagination, and encourage them to connect with you. Create a direct path from your ad to your door (virtual or physical!). 

Haven Has Your Back 

We live in a digital world… But print marketing is too effective and efficient to neglect. Your audience wants physical assets, a piece of paper to read or a business card to consult. They want to hold this in their hand, a tangible reminder of your value and professionalism. Give it to them. Connect with Haven to learn how print marketing can integrate – seamlessly – into your overall strategy.